best gold pan for fine pure gold

3 Best Gold Pans for Fine Gold! (For More Pure Gold)

best gold pan for fine gold

Every Gold Prospectors has this main mission to find gold at its purest form, in other words fine gold! In fact, for that you will obviously need knowledge, experience and some luck to make that happen …

… In addition, you will need to use the right Equipment!

Indeed, in this Post I breakdown 3 of the best gold pans out there that are very adapted for fine Gold.

Let’s dive in!

1. SE Plastic Gold Pan with 2 Types of Rifles (8-inch, Green)

This Gold pan (Check it Here on Amazon) has a diameter of 8 inches, it is also called “miner’s pan.” It is highly effective catching gold and comes up with a deep round base to trap the gold better. The pan includes two types of rifles, one deep and one shallow.

it works perfectly for the dry as well as wet material. It is green in color (which is one of the best colors). The round base is ⅛ inches.

Why is it adaptable to fine gold?

The uneven inner surface of the pan greatly provides an efficient gold recovery. The plastic pan can be easily cleaned using water or maybe acid. It reduces the chances of cross-contamination, which makes it highly adaptable to fine gold.

Pros Cons
Versatile and easy to use It’s size could have been a little bit bigger
Adapted for beginners and pros
Rust and corrosion resistant
Optimal green color

2. Garrett Metal Detectors New Gold Pan Kit

This gold pan kit (Check it Here on Amazon) is equipped with a 14 inches gold pan, 10 inches backpacker pan, and 14 inches sieve.

It also includes a gold guzzler bottle and tweezers too. Being green in color, it helps you trace the gold nuggets easily.

The gold pan in the kit consists of speed notches that allow it to rotate easily if placed in water.

The weight of the kit is around two pounds. It also comes up with a guide to help you find gold easily.

It is make up from plastic, has an optimal green color with a 14 inches diameter

Why is it adaptable for fine gold?

The pan consists of rifles that help you separate the gold from the entire extracted material.

The sifter helps you find the gold nuggets more easily as you can sieve the material efficiently.

The tweezers and magnifying glasses aid the process and ease it down.

How to use the gold pan kit?

All you got to do is, add the material to the pan and shake it well. Once the particles are separated from each other, sieve it. You can recover the gold using the tweezers and magnifying glasses.

Pros Cons
Easy to hold and carry Very smooth, could be easily scratched
The rifles and sieve help you separate the gold quickly
Green color is dark enough to make the tiniest gold pieces appear easily

3. SE GP1002BL 14″ Plastic Gold Pan, Blue

The blue plastic gold pan is designed to help you extract fine gold materials. The molded rifles all around the pan help you ease down the process—the presence of deep round base aids in trapping the traces of fine gold.

Being super durable, it can be easily used by young prospectors too. The diameter of the pan is around 14 inches.

Below its main features:

  • The riffle bars help in separating gold efficiently.
  • The dark blue color of the pan makes it easy for you to see the gold particles.
  • There is a finger grip to help you hold the pan easily.
  • Light in weight.
  • Consists of three rifles.

Why is it adaptable for fine gold?

The gold particles are very fine in size that makes it tough for a prospector to spot them. The blue plastic gold pan makes it very easy for you to differentiate between different particles. Unlike other pans, it includes three rifles for an effective recovery of gold.

Final Thoughts …

I didn’t want to make this article longer than necessary! The main idea for me is to give ideas on the right pan to opt for in order to maximize your chances to pick up fine gold…

… Hope you’ve found it useful!

About the Author

Carissa Harmer

Carissa is the huge metal detecting enthusiast that loves collecting coins. She is also highly interested in other treasure hunting activities like magnet fishing and gold prospecting/panning.