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5 Best Magnets for River Fishing! (For Even More Finds)

best magnet for river fishing

Rivers are one of the most valuable places when it comes to potential Magnet Fishing Finds! That’s why opting for the closest river in your region would definitely be a great option …

… However, you need to keep in mind that picking the right magnet for river fishing is also an important factor to consider! By doing so, you will make sure you can maximize you results.

In this Post I list 5 of the best magnets you can use in Rivers, in addition to some useful information you need to know about.

Best Magnets for River Fishing

1. Ryker Strong 550LB Neodymium Fishing Magnet

At the bare minimum, 550lbs of pulling force is what you should use while river magnet fishing. Typically, most magnet fisherman start out around the 500lbs strength range and will have this type of magnet on hand already.

This three layer Ni-Cu-Ni coated N52 neodymium magnet (Check it Here on Amazon) will capture some of the lighter metals you find in rivers. It comes with a 66ft rope and carabiner to attach to the magnet.

The 3” diameter magnet will cover a lot of ground underwater and will not be swept away with the current.

As a beginner magnet, this is an excellent choice for shallow rivers.

2. MHDMAG Double Sided Fishing Magnet

Are two really better than one? It depends on the magnet and the purpose.

MHDMAG offers this double sided magnet (Check it Here on Amazon) rated at a total of 700lbs – 350lbs each side actually.

Double sided magnets serve a particular purpose, they are usually for scoping out an area of land underwater. They cover more ground because their design allows them to search from two different angles.

However, the downside is the total pull force is misleading. The pull force is added together for both magnets, but that’s fine because you can still pull in metal with 350lbs. That’s if the current is not strong and the metal is light.

This particular model is 2.63” in diameter and has two eyebolts. The best option for this magnet is to attach two ropes to it. That way, you can sway your catches inch by inch slowly to you so you do not lose your catch.

It also works as a secondary magnet to your primary magnet.

3. Wukong Fishing Magnet with 66ft Rope & Glove

Wukong is known for making strong, durable, and reliable fishing magnets. This kit (Check it Here on Amazon) is an excellent way not only to get into the magnet fishing hobby, but it also serves as a good starting point for river magnet fishing.

First off, the magnet is rated with 760lb pulling force. At this point, we are moving into magnets that will perform better in rivers.

You will need that extra strength when pulling against currents. However, this magnet is double sided – keep that in mind when considering.

You also get 66ft of nylon rope rated at 350lbs of max tension and non-slip gloves for reeling in.

The included rope has a carabiner to attach to the eyebolt on the magnet. Clip on and toss it. Easy.

Also worth mentioning, the eyelet will rust if used in saltwater and not properly rinsed off. Loctite is your friend along with adding some type of rust preventative spray lubricant if you choose to buy this magnet fishing kit.

4. FishMe Neodymium Fishing Magnets Bundle

Moving back to single magnets, FishME has a bundle of two 600lb pulling force magnets (Check it Here on Amazon) you should consider for your next fishing trip. Moving up in power means more successful reel ins. In theory that is.

It would be best to throw both of these magnets out in the water considering they each have 600lbs of force and treat them as a double sided magnet. Except, with more power than the previously listed magnets.

Fortunately, with these magnets they are factory threadlocked. This means you can count on them staying attached to your rope. For added security, they have large eyelets for heavy duty rope and tough to loosen knots.

These 2” diameter magnets are powerful for their size, but before you go fishing remember that they are 600lbs of vertical pulling force. You lose strength when pulling at an angle. You get two of them, so why not use them to your advantage and pull with two magnets for added strength?

5. Brute Magnetics Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet

At this point, it is best to showcase one of the best options for magnet fishing a river and that’s with Brute Magnetics 1,500lb force magnet (Check it Here on Amazon).

This extremely strong neodymium magnet is 4.72” in diameter and weighs 5.09lbs. This massive magnet is going to be your best friend when you hit the river.

You want a strong magnet because as rivers flow, they tend to bury metal deeper in sediment. Not only that, you might have to pull against current. A magnet of this strength is going to hold on tighter to treasure, ensuring you get what you are after.

The A3 steel case of the magnet is coated with Nickel-Copper-Nickel for the best chipping and rust protection.

Be sure to use the included Threadlocker for the eyebolt before taking this magnet out for the first time. It guarantees to ensure the eyebolt stays attached to the magnet, which is highly important.

What kinds of finds you should expect in Rivers?

With rivers, you can expect to find all kinds of metals. High traffic rivers are loaded with metals that people leave behind.

You can expect to find coins to the more unique objects such as bullets, unexploded bombs, swords, hand guns, and machine guns.

Deeper the river, the older the treasure since less people will hunt places that are hard to reach. Sometimes having a boat is ideal for reaching these hard to reach places.

To learn more about this, I highly encourage you to have a look at this List of Magnet Fishing Finds! There are some amazing finds you need to know about …

How to approach Magnet Fishing on Rivers?

Start with the bank. Comb through the bank before venturing out to the deeper portions of the river. This is especially important if you do not have a boat.

Water currents can pick up quickly and it’s best to be close to land than where you can be caught up in the current. Plus, more is likely to be dropped off in shallow water than deeper water. People tend to spend more time in river banks than the deeper parts.

Also, work sections moving downstream as you progress. Currents can move an object downstream before finally settling in its new home.


Hope this Post will give a clear idea, not only on what magnets you should be using in rivers, but also how to approach the hobby in there …

… Also, I hope this post will get you excited to hunt in the closest river out there!

If any questions, please let me know.

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