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You’d be surprised, but metal detection is indeed feasible on Android phones and iPhones. Believe it or not, the T-Mobile G1 was the first phone to possess this capability. Inside the phone lies a magnetometer, which serves the purpose of metal detection. Let me clarify that a dedicated metal detector will outperform your phone, hands down. Nevertheless, it’s a fun little trick to try out, so let’s dive into a list of the metal detector apps for iPhone and Android phones.

You should be sensible about the capabilities of your phone and understand that it cannot compete with a real metal detector. If you choose what is the best metal detector, then mobile phones and apps will not work for you. But for those who just want to have a metal detector on hand for emergencies, this is the right way, because you always have your phone with you.

1. Metal Detector by Smart Tools

This awesome app for Android lets you easily detect metals just by moving your phone around. All you have to do is open the app, and voila! You can instantly see the magnetic field readings. Typically, the natural magnetic field is about 49μT, and as you move your device, you can observe the units fluctuating. And guess what? As the amount of metal increases, the magnetic field and the readings on the screen will fluctuate accordingly, keeping you informed. But wait, there’s more! This app also comes with notifications in the form of an alarm or a beep sound. You can even customize the magnetic field level at which the alarm goes off, and choose from a variety of beep sounds. Isn’t that cool?

2. coreSpecs

Many people are unaware that not all phones are equipped with the capability of metal detection. Before proceeding, it is necessary to determine whether your phone has a magnetometer. An application such as coreSpecs can assist you in this regard by providing a comprehensive list of sensors on your phone. Simply scroll through the list and check if your phone has a magnetometer. If it does, you can utilize the recommended applications, but if it doesn’t, unfortunately, you won’t be able to make use of them. This particular app surpasses most others in terms of performance and efficiency, surpassing even Google in terms of speed and convenience.

3. Metal Detector By Alexandr Balyberdin

The app’s interface gives a realistic feel, just like you can see in the screenshots provided. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, all you need to do is start searching for metals using its meter. When the app senses metal, the needle will fluctuate, and you’ll be notified with a vibration and beep sound once the magnetic field reaches its maximum. Furthermore, you have the option to adjust the sensitivity of the magnetic sensor, allowing for more precise metal detection. This can be easily done using the dial located below the meter. Honestly, it works incredibly well. As I increased the sensitivity, it even detected my keys from a distance of one foot.

To find the right app for your needs, you will have to try several of them. However, it may be necessary to clean up more memory on your device. The resources of your smartphone are not unlimited, and in order to boost your phone, you will have to clean it periodically. With the CleanUp app for iPhone, you can free up space in a few clicks. You just need to install from the App Store and run smart cleaning. The application will find various kinds of garbage and allow you to remove it from the device in a few clicks.

4. G-Detect

G-Detect is a fantastic tool that assists in managing your finds during your metal-detecting adventures. It allows you to easily map your discoveries, accompany them with images, and generate informative reports on the go. While some individuals might resort to spreadsheets for this purpose, G-Detect offers a more visually appealing solution. It has proven to be highly effective, although a few users have reported encountering bugs in earlier versions.

5. NECO Metal Detector

NECO’s metal detector app is quite unique. It actually teaches you how to create a real metal detector by utilizing your phone and other necessary equipment. After building it, your phone, along with the app, functions as the controller for this newly assembled device. Naturally, this isn’t the most cost-effective alternative, as you need to purchase the required components. However, it’s a pretty cool solution that outperforms simply relying on the back of your phone.

6. Metal Detector By Gamma Play

If you’re looking for a simple app with minimal options to scan metals, then this is the one for you! No additional settings or fancy features, just launch the app and start detecting wires and metal objects. Instead of vibrating feedback, you’ll see a digital meter displaying the magnetic field value and a real-time graph. As you move your device closer to any metal, the value will fluctuate. The app will also notify you with sound notification and a red bar when it detects any nearby metal, but you can disable this feature if you prefer.


These are my top picks for apps that can transform your Android and iPhone into actual metal detectors. In my opinion, all of the apps are great, but the ones by Smart Tools for Android and Alexandr Balyberdin for iOS are particularly precise compared to the others.

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