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How Strong Should a Fishing Magnet be? (For Better Finds!)

how strong should a fishing magnet be

Magnet fishing principle is very simple, you throw your magnet in the water, you wait until it gets to the bottom and once you feel that it sticks to something you put it out …

… However, if your magnet is not strong enough it won’t be able to pull out bigger finds that would, eventually, be more valuable.

In this quick Post, I give my take on how strong a magnet should actually be so you can make the most out of it!

How strong should a fishing magnet be?

If you are a straight beginner, I don’t recommend you go for a strong magnet! less than 500lb Magnet (Check this Example Here on Amazon) is more than enough for you to start and to get a feel of the techniques you should be implementing.

After you gain decent experience, then you may go for stronger magnets up to 1000lb+ or even more (Check this Example Here on Amazon).

This also depends on the place you are dealing with! If you will fish in a creek that don’t have much people passing by, then probably you won’t need a very strong magnet since the potential finds would be smaller …

… However, if you are going to throw your magnet in crowded place, like over a bridge, then considering a stronger magnet is the way to go if you want to pick up bigger targets.

Keep in mind that strong magnets are usually made out from NdFeB, this is a mix of neodymium, iron, and boron.

Also, if you are looking for an even stronger one, make sure to look for the N42 magnet. In fact, it is equal to two Neodymium magnets.

Do magnets lose their strength over time?

The Neodymium magnet would get corrosive after using for a couple of times and loses its strength.

To make sure this won’t happen, just opt for a magnet that’s coated with nickel, copper and stainless steel.

This combination will make it free from corrosion and do not let the magnet to lose its pulling ability. The stainless steel will house the magnet properly.

How Magnet Size influences its strength?

The size of the magnet has a significant impact on strength! Indeed, the bigger magnet creates a larger magnetic field than the smaller one.

Also, when the bigger magnet will have a larger touching surface, this makes it more capable to reliably pull out bigger targets with a bigger surface.

How Magnet weight influences its strength?

The weight has a direct correlation with its strength. Its pull capability measures the weight.

The pull strength would determine the weight that the magnet can hold. The pull strength is the holding strength of the magnet that you can measure with kilograms.

The grade of the metal you are trying to pull from the water, conditions of the surface, and the angle at which you are pulling the metal from the water would have an impact on the pull strength.

There are chances of smaller magnets having a higher pull force compared to the bigger magnets.

When should you go for a strong magnet?

Again, this depends on how familiar are you with the hobby! But if you feel confident about your skills, then you should consider strong magnets in case you are dealing with some of the following finds:

1. Jewelry

There are magnets used in the production of jewelry clasps. The neodymium is widely used. It offers a secure hold with its strongest magnetic field. The 5 mm diameter of the magnet is enough to perform the job.

2. Tools

Woodworking tools in general are quite heavy and some of them might not be as magnetic! A strong magnet would be required in this case

3. Grenades

This might surprise you but this is a possible find! These are quite heavy and it’s better to use a strong pulling force to make sure it stays stable along the way just to avoid any kind of bad surprise.

4. Bikes

These could be quite heavy, but also they don’t have a good surface that will allow the magnet to fully attach its surface to it. That’s why use a powerful one to avoid missing such a valuable find.

5. Cash box

These are not very common, yet many fishermen have managed to pull them! They are heavy, so you need a strong pulling force for sure.

What Places are recommended for strong magnets?

There are many places where you should consider using a powerful magnet! These places are often crowded, so you need to make sure to decrease your chances of missing on valuable finds.

These places include:

1. Old industrial towns

Old industrial places, better yet, those that were a war land, generally hold different metallic relics that are hidden under the water bodies.

If you are fortunate, you can find something worth adding to your collection.

2. Railroad Bridge

Railroad bridges are by far the most valuable in terms of potential finds. There are chances of you finding the treasure at this place.

3. Canals

Canals are visited by many people every year, and there are many bridges around, so chances of getting valuables would be high.

You must use a small magnet that is strong to separate the valuables from the debris.

4. Shore side

If you could not find any area to hunt, you can go to the shore sides.

You must use only strong magnets to retrieve the metal items. There would be a lot of wet sand and results in suction when you try to pull the objects. You need to knot tightly with a strong magnet to pull harder.


Hope this short Post has answered your questions!

My main goal is to encourage you to try out this fun hobby …

Finally, I highly invite you to check this Magnet Fishing Comprehensive Guide! I include everything you need to know about the hobby in there!!

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