use a metal detector to find a lost ring

How to Properly Use a Metal Detector to Find a Lost Ring?

how to use a metal detector to find a lost ring

In the last 3 years, I’ve received a ton of email from different people asking me for help because they’ve lost a ring. Of course, each time I’ve tried to answer back by providing some help and guidance …

Of course, the problem is the same, but each person has a different situation. Some people have lost the ring in their own yard and some in the beach and others in remote places like national parks.

That’s why, I’ve decided to put together this short article where I try to address that by including some practical steps to follow in case you are in the same situation.

The only thing you will need in a Metal Detector (like This One)!

Brainstorm places where you’ve lost the ring

Losing a ring can cause distress to anyone. Regardless of whether it’s an engagement, wedding, eternity, or any other type of ring, you immediately feel a sense of panic and dread wash the moment when you realize it is not on your finger anymore!

If so, the wise thing to do is to start by brainstorming places where you might have lost it …

iI you are sure that you were home, it still means a long search ahead as it could literally be anywhere within the walls of your home …

However, if you have been out of the house, you might have gone to the supermarket or had lunch, or gone somewhere in the car, it could be anywhere by the time you realize it is lost.

Outside places where you can lose your ring might include places close to work, a hotel (many rings get left on the nightstand dressed or even in the safe of the room), at the beach, down the drain, while boating or snorkeling, when shoveling snow, airports, and of course, even your dog might have eaten it.

Make a full list, then next to each place write a number from 1 to 5 …

5 means you have most likely dropped your ring in there and 1 means it is very less likely.

Then target those places with the higher number first and makes your way through the lower numbers.

Searching a ring lost in the grass

Finding a ring lost in the grass with a metal detector can be an easy task, especially if it is lost in the backyard of your house!

However, if searching for it in the grass at a park or playground, there is likely going to be a lot of extra chatter that you will need to filter out in the settings of your detector.

The Garrett Ace Apex (Check it Here at Amazon) is a good detector to search for a lost ring. This multi-frequency weatherproof detector is capable of all sorts of targets including jewelry, coins, relics, and many other valuable items.

It has a broad-bandwidth digital platform that gives you more versatility than other detectors.

There is also a pinpoint mode available to allow more accurate target findings, for example if you want to locate a ring lost amongst tall grass.

Searching a ring lost in the beach

To find a ring at the beach, you need to have a detector that is suited for the beach. If you are detecting in the dry, sandy areas, then your regular detector should work just fine. However, if you want to search in the wet sand, then you will need a different detector.

You need to be aware of couple of things … sometimes items can end up getting buried much deeper due to wind and wave action, as well as storms.

This is why you may want to have a metal detector that goes deeper at the beach. Though even with a regular detector, you will still be able to find plenty of targets like a ring if it was lost near the surface of the sand.

However, this should not get you too much worried since most modern detectors can operate at a greater depth while being used at the beach. This is because of the aeration of the sea sand …

Sea sand is not as compacted as regular soil that you typically detect. This is because there is a lot of air between the sand particles at the beach, making it porous. This is what allows the metal detector to detect at a deeper depth and also more accurately.

The Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 (Check it Here at Amazon) is a good example of a machine that can search for lost rings at the beach.

It is usually my number 1 recommendation for people in that situation, because it is really very cheap and very easy to use …

Also, it has all the technical features to get the job done!

Searching a ring lost underwater

To search for a ring lost under saltwater, you need a metal detector that functions well in underwater!

The Garrett AT Pro being a good example! It is one of the best machines when it comes to detecting in saltwater conditions.

It comes with features that will allow you to search even if the water is somewhat conductive, as it has both manual and automatic ground balance.

The detector is also fully waterproof and can be submerged up to a depth of 10 feet to continue searching for the ring.

Hiring somebody to search the ring for you

If you want to hire somebody to find a ring, there are many specialists out there who can help you find what you thought was lost!

By contacting one of these metal detecting specialists, you will have a much greater chance of success in retrieving the lost ring or any other lost jewelry item.

For example, one of the leading finders of lost rings in the US today is The Ring Finders. They specialize in finding lost rings, watches, pendants, and basically all types of jewelry, as well as keys and cell phones.

Regardless of where you have lost your ring, specialists such as The Ring Finders help you find your lost item.

The cool thing is that they have detectorists collaborating with them inside the US (all over the country) and worldwide too. Check this map!

Final Thoughts …

If you are looking for a meaningful lost ring (or any lost items), I really feel you and hope you will end up quickly finding what you’ve lost. Hope this article has given you some guidance too.

Also keep in mind that many people were introduced to the metal detecting hobby because they’ve simply have lost something in particular and had to use a detector to find it back …

At that time they discover the hobby and fall in love with it!

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Carissa Harmer

Carissa is the huge metal detecting enthusiast that loves collecting coins. She is also highly interested in other treasure hunting activities like magnet fishing and gold prospecting/panning.