gold panning is worthwhile

Is Gold Panning Worth It? (Yes, it is! And Here is Why …)

is gold panning worth it

Gold panning is one of the best and fun outdoor activities you can ever practice, better yet, it could be significantly profitable if done properly …

… However, some people just don’t consider gold panning to be worthwhile and more of a waste of time!

If you are one of those, I will try to change your mind in this article 🙂

Is Gold Panning Worth it? 

Gold panning is a fun-rewarding hobby that offers you an opportunity to get high-end benefits from it.

Generally, this hobby is practiced in groups, which makes it a lot more fun!

Also, this is an opportunity to step foot in the wild nature, whether it is creeks, rivers or streams of water (sometimes lakes). Just that, regardless of what you might come up with feels good, rewarding and rejuvenating!

Finally, many people were able to make substantial amounts of money just doing that! Others have changed their lives completely money wise.

Bottom line, gold panning is definitely worth it as far as you aware of the goods it brings to the table!

It could be a great hobby for your kids …

Chances are, your kids will thank you later if you decide to teach them this hobby!

Not only this will be a great excuse to get outside and have a many hours of fun in the nature, but also this will nurture a sense of accomplishment inside them especially when they start coming up with gold dust into their little pan …

… This will make them feel confident and set them up to overcome whatever it could be challenging in their life.

Finally, I don’t consider gold panning to be a complex hobby. The techniques to master are pretty much simple. Thus, this won’t be too overwhelming for your kids to learn.

You can earn decent money from Gold Panning!

Obviously, gold is worth money. Indeed, as of I am writing this article, 1 Ounce of Gold is worth over 1770 USD!

That’s really Amazing, Right?!

So, imagine you can manage to come up with at least 1 ounce of gold using your beloved pan every single month! That’s a legit income right their … And, better yet, if you manage to come up with couple ounces a month, then that’s a full income!!

Below few ideas, so you can manage to get good results!

  • Use the Best Equipment (Check This Panning Kit Here on Amazon): You should not be cheap when it comes to your gear! At the end of the day, gold panning tools are not that expensive. Remember this, using low quality equipment will significantly compromise the results you should come up with.
  • Stay close to the goldfields: You should Stay close to the goldfields for several days straight. Even if you are in a place or location known for having gold, visiting it once for a day and leaving is a bad idea. Indeed, that day could yield little to no gold for whatever reason, this happens! That’s why being consistent and staying there for several days straight will help you maximize your chances.
  • Do your Homework: Panning for Gold is not a couple minutes task! This is an activity where you will at least stay many hours per day in the same location. So, you should not opt for a location until you’ve done your full research. Make sure that historically the river you are visiting has had a gold rush, and also make sure that in the recent months panners were able to find gold. If your location check those 2 boxes, then There you Go!

The gold panning entry cost is low!

I’ve mentioned this before! You don’t need a thousand of dollars to start panning for gold … All you need in a quality pan which doesn’t really cost much (Check this gold pan Price Here on Amazon)

Unlike metal detecting where the equipment could cost you at least couple hundred dollars and even few 1000s in case you opt for some high end models!

That’s why, I do believe that you should take advantage of that and start panning as soon as possible!

This activity could present some dangers.

Despite of all the goods this activity represents, it still has couple of risks that you should watch out for …

Soil erosion: Which is a common problem that occurs due to this hobby. During the phase of construction, when the land is cleared, the soil gets disturbed. As a result, roads and trenches loosen the soil that leads to soil erosion.

Ground subsidence: Openings are left underground as well as on the surface due to mining. These fractures can lead to the collapse of the ground which is very risky for human life.

Water pollution: Chemicals like mercury and cyanide used in the process of mining are very dangerous for groundwater. They can cause harm to both humans and animals.

Prevention of the damages

The ways through which we can avoid these damages are as follows:

  • Should identify the damage on time and take necessary measures.
  • Should monitor industrial accidents and report them.
  • Should provide accurate education and training to the employees on first aid.
  • There should be prevention and safety for incidents related to fire.
  • Protocol for an industrial accident.

Gold panning is not worth in these cases. 

As you’ve noticed, In this Post I was an advocate for this hobby! However, it is not for everybody!

Indeed, gold panning is one of those hobbies that require patience and passion!

Without those, you won’t be able to make it by staying for hours waiting for your beloved pan bringing stuff to you. You need to have a minimum of interest or even passion to be able to make through especially the days when you won’t find anything.

Final Thoughts …

Hope this short post has given you a clear idea on the benefits that this activity has! And why it is actually worthwhile …

… My final advice here it to give it a try! I am sure you won’t regret it!!