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9 Best Magnet Fishing Brands that You Should Know About!

best magnet fishing brands

It is totally normal to get confused due to the so many Brands that produce Magnet Fishing Equipment! Indeed, choosing a reliable and trustworthy Brand is, obviously, Crutial …

… In this Post, I list 9 of the Best Magnet Fishing Brands out there with all the details you need to know about each one of them!

1. S28esong

Magnets from S28esong are usually cost-effective, small in size, lightweight and made of superior quality materials.

You can use this magnet for magnet fishing, lifting, hanging and retrieving applications. You can use them also to search for various items such as hooks, fasteners, bike rims, treasure, eyebolt, and so on.

The best example from this manufacturer is the S28esong Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet (Check it Here on Amazon) …

… It comes with a decent design and a countersunk hole to which you can tie the rope rigidly. It is made of nickel material that is free from corrosion despite dipping multiple times in the water.

The Nickel and copper coating offers you a shiny look that is rust-resistant. It prevents the magnet from getting prone to chipping and cracking.

The magnetic force is available on one side while the other three sides are safeguarded with the steel cups and have no magnetic force. You can keep this in the pocket and go for the quick fishing trips to find something valuable.

2. CMS Magnetics

CMS Magnetics is based in Texas and is specialized in manufacturing and selling magnetic materials, especially the neodymium magnets that are powerful to use for magnet fishing.

It also sells magnet toys and gifts. The magnets are super strong that it the magnetic power lasts for a more extended period.

The best magnet fishing product sold by this brand is CMS Magnetics Super Strong Fishing Magnet (Check it Here on Amazon) Built with Neodymium Magnet w/eyebolt.

The model is sturdy and has high-quality finishing. Compared to the other ones, the firm holding power offered by this brand would help you pull the valuables from the water bodies.

The eyebolt is highly convenient for you to use in rivers and ponds to go for magnet fishing. It is protected with the help of a steel cup that it could last for a very long time.


It is established in 2016 and is selling different types of magnets. They offer fishing magnets, ropes, and magnetic hooks.

The company is operating in various countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, and Canada.

They produce superior quality products at the best prices in the market. They are best in providing magnets that are designed for this hobby in particular and also all sorts of adventures and treasure hunting.

The Wukong magnet that is having a huge demand in the market is the Wukong Double Sided Magnet (Check it Here on Amazon), Combined 660 LBS Pulling Force Super Strong Neodymium Round Magnet.

Its magnetic force will provide double magnetic power that helps you to scout for the treasure in a double area.

4. Neosmuk

Neosmuk is the brand that is producing magnets that are exclusively used for magnet fishing. It manufactures NdFeb, magnetic tools, and assemblies.

The company offers a wide range of other products, including swivel hooks, fishing magnets, cup magnets, and rubber-covered magnets.

The best magnet fishing produced by this brand is the Neosmuk Magnet with 66 Feet Paracord, it can hold up to 400LBS with a 2.5 Inches Neo-Magnet with Lifting Eye-Bolt.

This one is really sturdy and comes with the 66 feet paracord, which you can tie to the magnet and drop it in the ocean to find the treasure or other valuable items.

It is a high-grade neodymium magnet. You can use this for retrieving the treasure from lakes, beaches, and rivers.

It has strong magnetic strength that lets you go for the search in the broader area.

The three-layer nickel coating would make it free from corrosion. It requires minimal maintenance and is free from rust.


It is another brand that is selling superior quality magnets that are exclusively used for this hobby!

Their best model this 440lbs Pulling Force magnet (Check it Here on Amazon)!

This neodymium magnet offers a decent pulling performance, and the material with which the magnet is made is free from rust.

The carabiner it comes with is strong enough to the point that it won’t let you lose the magnet in the water body.


Ryker is an American based company that is selling premium neodymium fishing magnets at competitive prices.

You can use this to find out the valuable treasure underlying in the water bodies.

This brand sells only the durable and robust quality magnets that should bring you the best possible results!

The best magnet produced by this brand and you can use as a magnet fisherman is the Ryker Strong 550 LB Neodymium (Check it Here on Amazon) …

… It is a decent choice for treasure hunters and is also used to pick the scrap.

Besides magnet fishing, it can also be used to lift metal objects and use them in construction sites. You can find the lost objects like antiques and guns that were used in the world war.

When compared to the other brands, it offers good thickness and durability.


MHDMAG is manufacturing all types of magnetic products that meet the ISO9001. These people are selling the best quality magnets at decent prices.

One of their best models is the MHDMAG Double Sided Magnet, which is a Powerful Magnet with a 1300lbs pulling force!

This one will really maximize your chances picking up heavier finds like cash boxes, bicycles and even bikes!

8. FishME

This is another famous company that is selling reliable, durable, and cost-effective magnets that could be used both inside and outside the water!

The FishMe Neodymium 1200 lb Bundle (Check it Here on Amazon) in one of their best offers.

The strength of the magnet is perfect for water use, treasure hunting, salvage recovery, construction sites, and lifting projects.

The NiCuNi layer coated on the magnet would make it rust-free. There are an eyebolt and carabiner to which you can attach the magnet rigidly.

The pre-thread locked comes with the stainless steel screws to strengthen the eyebolts.

9. Brute Magnetics

This brand is selling wide ranges, sizes and different pull strengths models, depending of level of expertise you have in hunting for treasures in the water.

It is used for retail, commercial and industrial markets.

The 880 LBS Pulling Force by Brute Magnetics (Check it Here on Amazon) is a fine model that comes with a Countersunk Hole.

The magnet is coated with the steel cup to keep chipping and cracking at bay.

Final Thoughts ….

Hope these companies and brands I’ve list above gave you a clear idea on topic! The most important thing for me is to be aware of these brands because they are the leaders on the market these days …

… Finally, if you want to learn more about this hobby, I highly encourage you to a have 5 minute look at this complete Magnet Fishing Started Guide! You will learn a Lot.

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