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Magnet Fishing DANGERS you Need to Watch Out For!

how dangerous is magnet fishing

Believe me, Magnet Fishing is such a wonderful and enjoyable hobby that you couldn’t abandon once you are hooked to it …

… However, I don’t want this to make you ignore that the activity could hold few dangers that you should be aware of.

This post is all about that! You will learn all the risks and how to deal them properly.

How dangerous is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing is not inherently dangerous if you practice the hobby properly. Most of the dangers associated with magnet fishing can be avoided by using common sense. However, some aspects of the hobby should be addressed.

Like most outdoor hobbies …

One similar hobby, metal detecting, shares some of the common dangers associated with magnet fishing. Such as exposure to the elements outside.

You’re more likely to get a sunburn than get in any type of danger. Especially once the Sun begins to reflect off the surface of the water. Speaking of the sun, dehydration is another risk that is common with this activity.

Again, the danger is similar to any other outdoor hobby. Some of the biggest dangers involve being exposed to the Sun. Being properly prepared and knowing the weather beforehand is vital before heading out to the water.

Many other hobbies are more dangerous

However, other hobbies could be more dangerous than magnet fishing. For example, playing football is exponentially more dangerous.

Both hobbies are done outside, except one of them involves being tackled to the ground. That’s almost impossible in magnet fishing.

You would have to reel in something really valuable to make someone want to tackle you for it. But the likelihood of that happening is near impossible.

How does it compare to actual fishing?

Another hobby that’s more like magnet fishing, is actual fishing. You both throw something in the water hoping to catch something…

… Except with fishing, you are dealing with sharp hooks with barbs. Touching your magnet won’t hurt you, but try picking up a treble fishing hook. They are difficult to handle and if you get stuck far enough with one, the barb will make it extremely difficult to remove.

Magnet Fishing is fairly safer than most other activities!

As you can tell, magnet fishing is no more dangerous than most hobbies. In fact, it is one of the safest hobbies you can do outdoors.

Between a full contact sport and traditional fishing, magnet fishing is not as nearly dangerous as most. Being prepared is essential in any hobby. Taking your kit out to the water is no different. Additionally, common sense will help you avoid most of the dangers involved with the hobby.

But, along with the elements outdoors there are dangers to be aware during magnet fishing. None are so dangerous enough to keep you from wanting to enjoy the hobby. They are worth knowing along with how to avoid them.

Magnet Fishing Dangers …

Let’s cover some of the dangers involved with this activity. As previously mentioned, one of the biggest ones is being exposed to the Sun. Sunburns and dehydration can wear you down and cause other health problems.

But what else do you need to be aware of?

1. Wildlife

Wildlife is often overlooked as a danger. The water will attract all kinds of animals. A stray dog or cat might cross your path. But it’s the snakes, spiders, and bees that are the most dangerous wildlife you should be aware of.

The occasional mosquito is nothing more than a pest. It’s the other three you should be worried about. Just like you, when the weather’s nice animals like to enjoy it as well.

2. People around

People are another possible source of concern often overlooked. That’s why it’s always best to know where exactly you are and to let others know where you are going.

Honestly, some of the best places to magnet fish are those that have not already been searched. Because of this you will want to venture out to ponds hidden away.

Worse case scenario is someone robs you for that valuable metal you just found. If you are far removed from others then there would be no one other than yourself to stop that person.

It’s best to avoid that altercation all together than to play the what if game of how you would be the superhero in this situation.

3. Your Finds Might Hurt You

One other danger is what you pull out from the water. Since most of the metals you find will possibly have rust it is best to know how to handle them.

Rust is one part of the problem however. The metal will be deteriorating and broken shards will become sharp. Cutting your hand while trying to pull a metal piece of your magnet is one way to ruin a perfect fishing trip.

Then if you are far away from your vehicle because you went after the far removed pond, you only make things worse. These metals are sharp and could cut your hand deep enough for stitches. This is not taking into account possible infections.

4. Being Lost

Most would disagree about how unbelievably easy it is to get lost in deep woods. It happens all too often. A person walks into the forest, makes a turn, then all of sudden is lost.

Search and Rescue teams are kept on their toes because of all the people that go missing.

You may never end up that deep in the woods. Maybe only the local parks with ponds are more your style. For some, the bodies of water hidden far away are more tempting. That’s not to say they must be avoided.

Take a look at how you can avoid danger when out magnet fishing.

How to Avoid those Dangers?

First off, being prepared is the number one way to avoid just about any danger. Unfortunately, life is too unpredictable and you can not avoid everything. Being prepared for most things drastically improves your odds against disaster though.

You can also check these helpful tips for successful magnet fishing

1. Make a Checklist …

In order to be prepared you have to think beyond just your gear. Did you remember to bring your container of water and sunblock?

… Make a checklist not for your gear essentials, but the other essentials you need such as proper shoes or the right pants. Check the weather before you leave the house. It might be too cold not to bring a jacket. Or, too to wear one at all.

2. Pay Attention to the weather

The weather will greatly affect how you dress and what you should bring. In reality, the weather plays the biggest role in all of this hobby from whether you should fish or not.

It is highly recommended you don’t magnet fish during bad weather. A light rain should not stop you but anything worse should be waited out.

3. Watch out Wildlife

Wildlife is unpredictable. Most animals will leave you alone if you leave them alone. It’s when you get inside their territory and make them feel threatened do they attack.

Keep aware of your surroundings and you should be able to avoid most animals.

Water moccasins are particularly dangerous in this case. They are semi-aquatic snakes that have an extremely painful and, although rare, fatal bite.

The likelihood of one attacking you is slim. They try to avoid humans and will only strike if felt threatened.

They will give you a chance to flee because they coil up and show their fangs before striking. Spiders on the other hand offer no chance.

It’s best to treat all spiders as threats. Rather than try to determine how dangerous one is, you should avoid them at all costs.

Shake off anything left on the ground. Spiders try to hide so if you think a spider can hide in a certain spot, chances are they will. A good shake will get rid of most.

4. Watch out your surrounding

People are a different kind of animal. They are more unpredictable. You don’t want to be caught isolated with a stranger.

Especially with valuables laying around. The best possible way to avoid this danger is to stick to high traffic areas. Local ponds with plenty of foot traffic will lower your chances of running into a dangerous situation.

5. Protect Your Self from Found Metals

Dangerous metals are the simplest to avoid by wearing gloves (Check this One Here on Amazon) and inspecting your find closely.

If it looks too sharp to handle, then use another tool like a flathead screwdriver to wedge it off your magnet.

One of the most dangerous items magnet fishermen find are grenades with the pins still attached. Believe it or not, they have been found before. These deserve to be handled extra cautiously.


The main Goal from this Post is not to scare you (I really want you to get in the hobby)! However, I just want to be aware of these few risks that you might encounter …

… Aver all, Magnet Fishing is safer than most outdoor activities out there, with the right preparation and precautions you will end up doing just Fine!

Finally, this Magnet Fishing Complete Article is Gold! Check it out … I include everything you need to know there!

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