10 Best Places to Go Magnet Fishing! (For Valuable Finds!)

best places to go magnet fishing

To be successful in a hobby like Magnet Fishing you definitely need to have a minimum awareness of certain key factors …

… Choosing the right equipment is essential, but choosing the right place to go for is even more important!

In this article I share 10 of my favorite places you need to have a look at! Hopefully some of these places will resonate with you and open up your hunting opportunities.

Let’s dive in!

Best Places to Go Magnet Fishing …

1. Creeks


A creek is one of the best places a beginner can start with. You’ll want to find one with high traffic ideally.

Typically, creeks will be shallow so a smaller magnet, maybe a D10 magnet (Check it Here at Amazon), will be enough to pull out most metals from creek beds.

High traffic creeks tend to have more metals. Although the metals are smaller, it is about quantity over quality when fishing creeks.

Pack light, and move frequently if you find a creek you want to explore. There is one coin you might run into at a creek, a 1943 steel penny. You might get lucky and find a few.

2. Pond

Moving up in scale, a pond is another beginner friendly spot worth fishing. Ponds get lots of traffic, whether from fisherman or someone coming by to feed the ponds that live near the water. Either way, ponds can be favorable to those willing to put in the time.

You’ll want a strong magnet for a pond. One of the most popular magnets is the N52 555lbs (Check it Here at Amazon) pulling force type. This is a standard go-to for most fishermen. It is light, but strong enough to pull out all types of metals.

Throw the magnet as far as you can out to the middle of the pond and work your way to shore. Since ponds are high traffic and common around cities, you might want to get a list of a few to frequently visit.

The term is pond hopping when you go from one pond to another in a day.

Don’t expect anything too large out of a pond. Especially any that are not deep.

3. Lakes


You might want to have a boat if you really want to get the most out of a lake. They are massive if you are walking along the bank. Imagine walking Lake Michigan or Lake Tahoe, you would hardly cover any area in a day without a boat.

If you do find a lake, bring along multiple magnets. A double sided magnet is perfect for “scoping” an area, then using 670lb+ strength magnet (Check it Here at Amazon) to reel it in.

You’ll want a strong magnet because you’ll need the strength of the magnet to hold on to the item as you reel in from deeper waters.

Lakes provide a lot of areas to explore, and the more popular the lake, the more chances to find metals. The majority may be fishing poles and lures, but you might attract the metal in cameras too.

4. Rivers

Rivers, rivers, rivers. The Mississippi River, Ohio River, Rio Grande River, and even the river near your home are all perfect places to explore. The more of a tourist attraction a river is, the better it is to fish.

You’ll want a strong magnet for a river. Once the current gets going, it can be difficult to reel in. Also, you’ll want a larger magnet for the extra weight. You want the magnet to sink down, even in a strong current.

If your budget allows, look into 1,240lb magnets (Check it Here at Amazon). These will give you better odds at fighting currents and getting a strong hold in buried magnets.

5. Fishing Pier

Where you’ll find fishermen, you’ll find metal. From time to time things tend to fall in the water, whether by fishermen or the occasional passerby. For example, one the most famous piers is the Santa Monica Pier that attracts thousands every year.

You’ll expect to find more than enough fishing lures, but other valuables as well since tourists flood this area.

With all the traffic surrounding fishing piers, no one will pay much attention to you. Which is why you should pack heavy if you plan on fishing at one. Take your time and comb these areas thoroughly.

Word of caution, be careful when reeling in, once you get attached to the pier it can be difficult to remove the magnet from it. A grappling hook will help with retrieving your magnet.

6. Beaches

Any beach you plan on visiting is ideal. From down in South Carolina or up a little to Miami, Florida you will find treasure. However, beaches can be difficult.

They are full of treasure, but also full of tourists and competition from metal detector hobbyists.

You can go about beaches in two ways, either in shallow water and land or a small boat and a little further out. As long as the tide is not moving frequently, you should have a good time fishing.

You’ll want to pack as much as you can while still maintaining the ability to cover a lot of ground. Now would be a good time to invest in a bag for carrying supplies and finds.

7. Spillway


A spillway leads up to a dam. It prevents a dam from becoming overflown. Whatever has flown down the river, ends up in a spillway. This makes them a good place to visit once in a while.

The previously mentioned areas are more ideal than a spillway, but nonetheless don’t avoid spillways because of this. In fact, spillways will be less visited giving you the opportunity to pick up what others have left behind.

Considering they are the end of a river, currents still flow and you’ll want at least a 575lbs magnet (Check it Here at Amazon) to get the most of a spillway.

8. Dam

After exploring spillways, you can work your way down to the dam. No dams are more famous than the Hoover Dam, but don’t get too excited yet because you won’t be able to get down to the water.

So instead, check around your city for a dam. Most large lakes tend to have one.

None will be as magnificent as the Hoover Dam, but you’ll still be able to find some treasure at your local dam.

For dams, a boat or kayak would be ideal to get away from the shore, and away from those people tossing lures around as they cast out for fish.

9. Historical sites

If you can find a historical site with a body of water, you owe it to yourself to get your magnet there. If you can find a site with military history, all the better because you’ll more than likely find ammunition or even a weapon.

Bring your strongest magnet because most of the metal will be buried deep from years of sitting at the bottom of a body of water. But, it’s worth the work to pull out a piece of history from the Earth.

You’ll also get a history lesson when you visit these sites, which will in turn make your finds that much more valuable to you.

10. National parks

All national parks are worth visiting. Each one will have a body of water you can explore. Plus, you’ll have the beauty of the park to soak in as well.

With plenty to do at a national park, many tourists flock them each year. Making them ripe with treasure.

Visit your state’s national park, or even state park if that is closer, and travel light. It’s almost a guarantee each spot worth visiting will be far from each other.

You’ll have plenty of areas to fish and it’s important to keep things light so don’t tire yourself out just by carrying around supplies.

Keep a 700lbs magnet and double sided magnet for scoping areas out.

Just remember, whatever you find you’ll have to carry back with you. So, keep a sturdy bag with you for transporting your finds.

Where to go Magnet Fishing as a Beginner?

If you are a beginner, you are probably wondering where is the best place to start. The best place, honestly, is anywhere close to you.

Any body of water, that is legal to magnet fish in, is a perfect place to begin with. There’s no point of reference for that will determine if a body of water is good or bad. How would you know if a place is ideal if you have never been magnet fishing before?

With time, you’ll learn which place is best for you. Till then, just get practice with your magnet out in any water.

If you want a more concrete answer, then choose a local creek with high traffic. You are more likely to catch some metal and the thrill will keep your interest in the hobby.

One of the biggest pitfalls a beginner magnet fisherman encounters is not catching anything valuable, or anything at all. It happens to everyone from time to time. Days like these that make the hobby a little less enjoyable.

However, choosing high traffic areas increases your odds of catching something. Which is the goal afterall.

Keep in mind, treat magnet fishing equal with enjoying your surroundings. Sometimes, taking in your surroundings can be as exciting as your finds. For those days that you do not reel in much, at least you had the opportunity to enjoy nature.

It’s a lesson magnet fisherman can learn from sport fisherman.

Can you go magnet fishing anywhere?

This question is asked a lot, especially by beginners. The answer is complex because there are many variables to consider.

In simple terms, no.

Here’s why, some places are off limits. The obvious would be private property. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask the owner for permission on their property. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Just remember, leave the place cleaner than you found it and you might just be able to come back.

For the majority of bodies of water you encounter in the city, you will be able to fish them. A good rule of thumb is if you find people fishing, then you should be in the clear for magnet fishing. Public lakes, rivers, creeks are all fair game.

On the other hand, if you are unsure then play it safe and either ask the city or look elsewhere. It’s best to avoid interactions with police regarding trespassing.

Find a public park with a pond and begin there if you are unsure where to go. Like previously mentioned, a high traffic creek is another good option for a beginner.

Either one is fine.

Before you go throwing your magnet at many different locations, first find one pond or creek and fish it till you are sure you got everything out of it. It not only gives you practice, but you’ll learn how your magnet works.

From there, begin to try as many new areas as you can. At least the ones you are allowed to fish.

You can always check online for state and city laws regarding magnet fishing spots beforehand.


Hope one of these places will resonate with you and give you ideas on where you should start your journey!

Again, the most important thing is to start anywhere that makes sense …

… This will give you a good feel of the hobby and you will figure out afterwards even better places to opt for.

Finally, this Magnet Fishing Complete Guide is Gold! Check it out … I include everything you need to know there!

Carissa Harmer

Carissa is the huge metal detecting enthusiast that loves collecting coins. She is also highly interested in other treasure hunting activities like magnet fishing and gold prospecting/panning.

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