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Metal Detecting Stories (Real Stories from Real People)

metal detecting stories

How many metal detecting and treasure hunting stories have you heard over the years? I am not sure but probably dozens! Am I right?!

Those stories are really exciting and I always love hearing & reading about them!!

To be honest, I thought a long time about putting together a Post like this where I share real stories of detectorists and treasure hunters who have something interesting to share. However, I was reluctant for whatever reason …

But, Finally I believe that it’s time to do so.

Before we start with the first Story! Please if you have any story that you want to include in this article, just contact me! Please make sure it is legit and that you are a legit hobbyist or professional. I might put it here so the world will learn about it.

Story 1: 40 years of metal detecting experience

Background: I’ve received this email (Aug 25th 2021) from a 70 years old detectorist (Terry S.) with 40 years of experience. He had great success with cheap detectors. I loved his story and loved the fact that he took the time and shared with me his experience. He was kind enough to let me share his email content (bellow) and story with you.

Recently read one of your posts on metal detecting and thought I would drop a line or two and submit some info you might find interesting.

I am 70 years old with 40 years of metal detecting experience. Originally from northern Wisconsin but now residing in southern Arkansas, the vast majority of my detecting experience transpired along the shorelines of the Great Lakes and woodlands of Wisconsin, Michigan and Canada.

At those locations I found most of my artifacts and coinage. And speaking of coinage, most of the coins I found – and still have – are foreign coins!

Can you imagine that? Only occasionally did I come across American coins. And perhaps the most significant artifact I found was a St. Anne de Beaupre Basillica medallion, which now the Crivitz Historical Museum in Crivitz, Wisconsin.

One historian I spoke with has no idea how old it is because there is no date on it!

Now here is something that will blow your mind. Over the many years of detecting I have owned many brand names of detectors …

I have owned Bounty Hunters, Garretts, Fisher, Whites, and many other brand names. But guess which brand – and model – has out-performed all the rest.

Are you ready for the shock? The name of the model that I have had the best luck with is put out by Bounty Hunter and is known as the Bounty Hunter Handyman with telescoping magnet!!!!

That small, inexpensive metal detector was originally purchased by my father to help him locate wires in the walls for his electrical business!

Then, one day, I took it out to a field to see how it would perform. To my amazement, I found a small meteorite, several coins, and a diamond necklace!

Soon I found myself using it just as much as the others I had and after a year or two it became obvious that I did much better with the Handyman.

I want to tell you another interesting story. Currently I own a Whites TM 808 metal detector, which is capable of locating larger buried objects 20 feet in the ground.

And recently I secured permission from a farmer to work his field with my TM808. To make a long story short, I ended up finding an old washboard, a toilet, a Maytag washer, and a piece of Allis Chalmers farm machinery – all buried more than three feet in the ground!!

The farmer told me that years ago farmers would often bury items no longer useful – and deep enough so as not to interfere with the plows during spring planting.

I asked him why they didn’t take them to a landfill and he said there were many rural areas around the country that didn’t have landfills and those that did often were not within travelling distance. So much for history.

Currently I am thinking about taking my Whites TM808 and Bounty Hunter Handyman detectors and try to find possible sites for searching for meteorites. From what I hear, there is BIG MONEY in meteorites. I certainly have two good detectors to go along with my 40 years of experience.

I had some good luck the other day down here in Arkansas. I unearthed a bunch of tin scraps and resting on top of a piece of tin was a 1889 O mint (New Orleans mint) Morgan silver dollar!

It’s only worth about 30 or 35 dollars but, hey, it is a Morgan!

Again, if you have a story that you want to include in this article, just contact me! Please make sure it is legit and that you are a legit hobbyist or professional. I might put it here so the world will learn about it.

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Carissa Harmer

Carissa is the huge metal detecting enthusiast that loves collecting coins. She is also highly interested in other treasure hunting activities like magnet fishing and gold prospecting/panning.