what color gold pan is best

What Gold Pan Color is Best? (+Tips to Choose a Gold Pan)

what color gold pan is best

I’ve seen many debates about the right gold pan color that prospectors should be using! The good news, is that there are many good options out there …

… In this Post, I breakdown the best gold pan colors you should opt for.

Let’s Dive in!

Best gold pan color?

As far as I am concerned, the best pan color you should choose is the Blue Color (Check This Example Here on Amazon). It represents indeed a couple of advantages:

  • It doesn’t catch too much sand like a black pan.
  • Bule pan has a quality with the riffles that helps in starting gold mining with the aggression, sunken trap area, and sporting a clever that will give you a good result with ease.
  • It’s color always helps you to show up the large gold pieces immediately when you are starts extracting and finally get something from where you can achieve the best with the help of blue pan’s exiting features.
  • Most of the time people will find the gold pieces but, on the spot, they will be lost just because they don’t have the pan which helps in finding out them the gold pieces, and sometimes their refiles will not help them. That’s why you need to choose them because it’s the funky color that will highlight more the color of gold and let you separate easily the pieces of gold.

Other Gold Pan colors

People prefer different colors for so many reasons!

Now let’s check out some of the most popular gold pan colors with its pros and cons:

  • Green gold pan (Check this Example Here on Amazon): It will help you in reducing the time of gold panning because it avoids the unnecessary sans with the metal and gold pieces and makes the analyzation process easy for you. Besides that, it has vortex action with enough amount of pan refiles.
    The main cons of this color are that it isn’t coming up with the advanced gearing system.
  • Black pain color (Check this Example Here on Amazon):most of the people go for black pan color because it’s structured with heavy-duty that means good material besides that the pan has camping gear which carries innovative technologies that make your gold extracting trip adventure.
    After having a lot of features, still it have the biggest disadvantage and that is, the black gold pan catches a lot of sand that makes stiffer the process of finding gold pieces.
  • Purple gold pan color (Check this Example Here on Amazon): the pan is designed with a good structure along with the number of refills that helps in losing sand and holds the more metallic pieces. It also has the added ripples that make the pan superior.

Choosing a Decent Gold Pan – Tips

Before buying gold, pan makes sure you are checking out these:

  • Size: the most common size of the gold pan that exists in the market ranges between the 10-17 inches in their diameter. Choosing a pan that has 10 inches diameter is always the best for you because it’s the pan that gives a great backup with their smaller size. It has a suitable size that can easily get fit into your bag and contain less sand that lets you find the gold easily. Whereas choosing a 17 inches pan will contain a lot of material and it takes a long time to find out exactly what you are looking for. Besides that, there is a 14-inch pan which is not small or big, as the pan is best for beginners.
  • Material: now it comes to the material that it is structured with metal or plastic. You always need to choose the plastic pans as they are durable and help in finding out the metal with the magnet and that is not possible in case of metallic pans.
  • Color: you always have to choose the dark colors that help in finding out the small gold pieces such as black, blue, or green because these are the dark colors and reflect the gold easily.

Plastic or Metal Pan – Which one is better?

I would like to tell you that the plastic pan is better as it has several benefits over the metallic pans.

  • Indeed, plastic pans are always ready to use even you can use it straight after unwrapping the box, on the other hand, the metal pan needs a great preparation such as removing the applied oils on it.
  • Plastic gold pans are built with the riffles features that help you a lot in finding out the tiny gold flakes and also confer the people with a great incentive who are at their start-up.
  • Another reason for choosing the plastic pan is it comes in several colors that can help you in reflecting and show up the gold pieces easily and you can catch the piece with the help of a magnetic effect which is not possible in metallic pans.

So that’s the reason the plastic gold pan is always superior to the metallic pan. So, if you are about to start mining and a way to buying equipment then choose the dark color plastic gold pan it will help you a lot.

What Pan Design is actually better?

Several pans exist for panning of the gold but all the gold pans have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Batea style pan which has a great strength to find out the more gold pieces and sperate the sand form it. It has a suitable dimension that’s why it’s chosen bay many.

the pan has tiny holes in its base by which you can end at losing all the unnecessary sand, and other concentrates. After doing this process you will simply extract the gold from it.

The best thing about using Batea style pan is that you can make use of this pan even in the water as well. the water can definitely create the light lift and with this pan, all unwanted things get easily eliminated.

The pan makes the extracting and analyzation process easy as it helps you in finding out best by losing up of the water within minutes. After that the heavy metals with the big gold piece is left in the pan in its base, now you just need to keep the essentials and rest of the useless metals and stones you can separate.

What size should you choose?

Several sizes exist for the gold pans, as all the pans have their own advantages and disadvantages. All above, if we take about that like which pan size is best for separating more and more gold pieces then you always have to go for the smaller size.

I hereby personally recommend going for the smaller pan size because it only the things that you want to hold because it has a small space than others. So, I avoid containing unnecessary things that help in the easy analysis of the gold panning process. So, that always chooses 10 inches pan. Although it’s small size can easily be kept in your bag.

Besides that, if you are a beginner then you can also choose the 14-inch pan because it’s medium size as at the initial phase it seems easy for you while finding out the gold pieces because it’s medium size have enough space to analyze things. so, you can choose both as per your experience.

Final Thoughts …

Hope this short post has given you a clear idea on the right color to pick and what size you should opt for …

… At the end of the day, choosing a gold pan is not that hard!

Choosing several different models and using them to verify the one you will be the most comfortable with is also a good option.

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