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10 Best Fishing Magnets (to Pick up the Best Possible Finds)

best fishing magnet

Choosing the best fishing magnet to maximize your chances picking up more finds is not rocket science really …

… The criteria to choose one are really simple to the point you should be able to recognize a good magnet from a bad one almost instantaneously!

In this Post, I suggest 10 fishing magnets that are all really good and will help you get you started in this hobby properly.

However, if you are in a hurry, you can still have a look at my favorite magnet (Check it Here on Amazon),

1. 575 LBS Brute Magnetics Round Neodymium Magnet

This is my favorite magnet (Check it Here on Amazon) by far!

It is adapted for beginners and experienced magnet fishermen … It has 575 lbs pulling force that is ideal for most targets you should be dealing with.

You can tie this magnet to any decent paracord.

The hook equipped to the magnet is made of thick steel of 0.25 inches with a countersunk hole for easy usage.

It is made of neodymium iron boron and a steel cup that is coated with nickel-copper-nickel.

The thickness of the magnet is 0.70 inches and 2.95 in diameter. The countersunk hole is perfect to use with hooks, screws, and fasteners. Also, the coating around the steel cup will free it from chipping and cracking.

Pros Cons
Powerful enough for most targets A bit hard to navigate through the congested spaces
Easy to use a countersunk hole

2. CMS MAGNETICS 100lb Pull Power Mounting Magnet

This magnet (Check it Here on Amazon) is really adapted for beginners who are looking to get used to the hobby!

The magnet cup can hold up to 100 lbs of weight. You can use it to pull small objects from water.

Unlike most magnets, since this one is light, you won’t feel tired using it even for several longue hours!

You can carry this equipment as it is without any alterations. You just need to bolt the screws into the steel base to assemble it with ease and attach it to the rope for fishing.

The magnet is housed with the steel cup that lasts longer. You can use the paracord to tie to this magnet.

Pros Cons
Cheap The pulling force is on the low end
Adapted for beginners

3. HHOOMY 1000LBS Pulling Powerful

It is the study yet powerful magnet designed for catching big objects under the water.

It has up to 1000 lbs of pulling force and is made of thick steel. A very good asset for pulling out heavier treasures that are at the bottom of the water.

The magnet is coated with different materials such as Nickel, copper, and Nickel to keep it shiny and free from rust.

In addition, it is coated with the steel cup that will give ample protection from chipping and cracking.

It is highly recommended, to keep this magnet away from the reach of the children as it has powerful magnetic properties.

Pros Cons
Rust Free Nothing identified
High pulling force
Sturdy used material

4. Wukong Second-Generation Neodymium Fishing Magnet

This strong magnet (Check it Here on Amazon) comes with two different eyebolt rings along with the countersunk hole that is in the mid of the magnet…

…This design makes it perfect to use as a one sided magnet or as a double sided one!

The diameter of the magnet is 2.36 inches, with the pull force of 600 lbs. It holds the magnetic properties on either side that helps you to keep the challenges you face with magnet fishing at bay.

Pros Cons
Powerful magnetic force Might be a bit complicated for beginners
Could be used as single or double sided
Could be used for heavy targets

5. 888-Pound Fishing Magnet

This neodymium magnet comes with 888 lbs of lifting capacity and is ideal for picking the items at the bottom of the water bodies such as rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams.

The material with which the magnet is coated keeps corrosion at bay.

The pulling performance is really excellent and it is reinforced by a countersunk hole and an eyebolt to which you can connect the rope and throw the magnet in the ocean, lake, river, or stream to pull the treasure.

It is big surface will make it easier for you to pick up bigger targets with bigger surface like a cash box for example!

You should use a paracord rope to reduce the tangles or snags while actually using it.

Pros Cons
Anti-corrosion Nothing to mention really
Easy to store due to its compact size
No tangling rope
Eyebolt is connected to steel to keep cracks at bay.

6. Uolor Double Side Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet

This two-sided neodymium magnet (Check it Here on Amazon) is 2.36 inches in diameter and 1.18 inches in thickness …

… Comes with a pulling force of up to 660 lbs for direct pull and touch conditions.

You can use this magnet for a treasure hunt in ponds, rivers, canals, and other water bodies. It is easy to set up to the bolt that is screwed to the steel base.

Pros Cons
Could be used for multiple searching purposes Screws could become loose overtime
Highly effective

7. HHOOMY 500 LBS Pulling Force Neodymium

This is another Neodymium fishing magnet coated with chrome on the steel cup. It has up to 500 lbs of magnetic pulling power.

The sturdy construction of the magnet has a threaded cup and eyebolt that is attached to the cup directly rather than the magnet.

You should be able to pull it with ease when you drop in the water.

It is coated with Ni+Cu+Ni to keep the magnet away from rust and corrosion.

It also gives high protection to the magnet from chipping and cracking. Nylon is the perfect rope to tie to this magnet.

Pros Cons
Quality made magnet Nothing to mention here
Rust free


8. HGMAG 750 LBS Super Strong Neodymium Fishing

This budget friendly magnet is made using a superior quality iron case that gives high protection with its magnetic steel.

The magnetic force of the magnet will mainly focus on the bottom. The three sides of the cup made of steel are safeguarded and have no magnetic force.

It is coated with Ni+Cu+Ni (like most others) to protect the steel cup from rust and corrosion.

Consequently, the cup protects the fishing magnet from chipping as well as cracking. It can pull up to 750 lbs of weight.

Pros Cons
Quality made Nothing to mention
Able to catch smaller targets in big numbers

9. Mutuactor Fishing Magnets

This magnet (Check it Here on Amazon) is not that powerful, but it is helpful for you to pull small items from the water bodies!

It has up to 350 lbs of pulling force and has some strong benefits. The anti-corrosive design would reduce the damage it causes to the surface while fishing.

The loss of magnetism is lesser when compared to the other magnets. You can use this magnet for a long period.

It comes with a durable and sturdy rope (made of nylon) that you can tie to the magnet.

It is free from corrosion to be it you use it in the freshwater or saltwater. The steel shell will protect the magnet from chipping and cracking.

Pros Cons
Sturdy eyebolt Quite thin
Durable even for hot climatic conditions More adapted for smaller target
Black resin coated magnet attracts the metal objects briskly

10. ESmag Super Strong Fishing Magnet

This neodymium magnet  will give you ample power to attract the metal objects and pull them from the water.

One end of the magnet is covered with a steel cup that offers high durability and sturdiness.

It holds the powerful magnetic properties that retain its power for a long time. The countersunk comes with a black epoxy that avoids detachment.

The coating is made with a shiny layer to keep it away from corrosion. You also get a 30 meters rope along with the magnet. The rope is made using nylon material.

Pros Cons
Anti-corrosive You cannot use it to lift hefty objects
The string is in the box
Perfect for small catches


The good thing about these magnets is that they are quite cheap, you won’t need to break the bank to immerse yourself into this hobby …

… So, you can start as soon as tomorrow; just pick up a good place to start!

For more tools, just have a look at these additional gear

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