Can Metal Detectors Detect Chromium?

can metal detectors detect chromium

Once you start dipping your toe in this fantastic hobby (I am talking here about Metal Detecting), it is totally normal to start ask a Ton of Questions! Can my machine find this, can it find that and so on…

… To be honest, I appreciate being quite nerdy about these kinds of questions, that’s why I am going to address one of these questions in this short post!

I will talk about Chromium!!

Can metal detectors detect Chromium?

Depending on the size of the chromium target, it can be detected by standard metal detectors, but it is quite rare because chromium is usually found as alloys and not as a pure metal.

Furthermore, the size, thickness, soil conditions, depth, and whether it has a polished finish or not, are all factors that will play a major role in how chromium registers on your detector.

Keep in mind that Chromium is the main additive that is added to stainless steel in order to provide it with the anti-corrosive properties!

What Metal Detector to use to find Chromium?

If you use a simple detection machine like the bounty hunter tracker 4 (Check it Here at Amazon), chances are you might end up finding elements that have chromium on it like those made out of stainless steel …

… However, due to the fact that stainless steel itself could hardly be detected by your machine, you probably need a machine that can operate on higher frequencies! This will allow your machine to be more sensitive to hardly detectable items.

What valuable finds are made out of Chromium?

There are not much valuables you can expect to find made from chromium.

It is necessary for the manufacturing of stainless steel, decorations on automobiles such as trim, ornaments, and hubcaps, and some amount of chromium is also found in certain paints.

Is Chromium valuable?

No, chromium is not valuable as a metal for regular people like us, especially considering its rarely to find it in its pure form …

… However, it is quite useful and valuable for an industrial stand point!

  • Decorative Plating that you can notice in some motorcycle parts for example.
  • Anticorrosion capability for stainless steel objects.
  • Used as a green pigment for making glass and ceramics

How to identify Chromium?

You can identify chromium easily from its color. It is a silvery blue metal. Chromium also has a characteristic brown streak.

Places where you can find Chromium Finds

Chromium finds are common in Baltimore, near Maryland (Learn about metal detecting in Maryland). Kazakhstan, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Zimbabwe, and the Philippines are known for their chromium deposits. Many types of beach sands that are made from the weathering down of chromite-bearing rocks are also known to contain chromium.


Hope this quick article was helpful for you and has brought relevant answers to your questions about chromium…

… If any other questions related this topic or any other similar topic, just give me a notice!

Now, I want you to expand your knowledge more about this … For that I highly invite you to check this complete list of what detecting machines can actually find! You will end up learning even more useful stuff …

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