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Can Metal Detectors Detect Palladium?

can metal detectors detect palladium

Once you start dipping your toe in metal detecting as a hobby, it is totally normal to start asking all sorts of questions! Can my machine find this, can it find that …

… To be honest, I love being a little bit nerdy about these kinds of questions, that’s why I am going to address one of them in this short post!

I will talk about Palladium

First … Can metal detectors detect Palladium?

Yes, metal detectors can detect palladium. The latter belongs to the platinum-group of metals which is also detectable …

… Palladium should have some electrical conductivity which justifies the ability of most detection machines to see it.

In a general term, any metal or item that could conduct electricity, even a little bit could be picked by those machines! There are no exceptions …

What Metal Detector to use to find Palladium?

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

The Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 (Check it Here on Amazon) should be a good fit for finding palladium.

This rugged metal detector can hunt in difficult ground conditions and also has a waterproof coil.

The detector comes with a motion all-metal mode, discrimination mode, and two-tone audio mode. It is able to detect a larger object up to three feet.

The preset ground balance of the device helps neutralize any response to mineral content in the ground. The detector has an operating frequency of 6.7 kHz.

Its discrimination and notch control help distinguish easily between valuable targets and unwanted metals.

If you are looking for a better model, you can still go for This One Here on Amazon! It is a Fisher model and one of my favorites …

What valuable finds are made out of Palladium?

You are most likely to find valuable palladium jewelry such as rings or pendants.

You can also find electronic components made out from this metal. Even some dentistry items/tools are Palladium based!

It is extremely hard to find this metal in its raw form! Indeed, one of the few countries that have mines allowing to extract this element are in Russia and South Africa … Better yet, the mining work is not focused on palladium by any means, instead they extract it as a secondary element after focusing mainly on platinum and nickel.

Is Palladium valuable?

Yes, palladium is a rare precious metal that is used to make jewelry. Palladium jewelry is known to be quite expensive and in vivid white color.

Many people like getting diamonds and other valuable gemstones added to the palladium jewelry since the bright white color of palladium adds to the sparkle of these gemstones.

Since 2019 and due to the high demand, this metal has seen a high increase in value!

How to identify Palladium?

You can identify palladium from its vivid white color! It looks almost like platinum, just about 1 shade of difference that you can hardly notice …

… Also when you scratch it, the metal tends to move from one place to another over time, and covers the scratch with patina.

For the record, jewelry made of this metal requires much less maintenance and polishing than others like white gold for example.

Places where you can find Palladium Finds

Most detectorists have reported finding palladium at beaches.

Since palladium is usually found in jewelry such as rings, it is best to search in places where you have a greater likelihood of finding jewelry.

Other than that if you live in Russia or South Africa, you might have some chances finding it in raw form in case you are close to some mines out there …

… Obviously, you need to check that there are no specific restrictions, permits, license just to be on the safe side.


Hope this short post was helpful and brought more answers to your questions …

… If any more questions, just let me know!

To know more about this subject, I highly invite you to check this full list of what metal detectors can detect! You will learn even more useful stuff …

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