can you make a living magnet fishing

Can You Make Money Magnet Fishing? (How to do it Properly)

can you make money magnet fishing

The dream of any passionate hobbyist is to make profit out of his favorite hobby, better yet to make an actual living from it …

… Obviously, this is possible in many cases. But, does this apply to Magnet Fishing?

In this Post, I breakdown this question and the couple possibilities you would have to cash in throwing your magnet in bodies of water.

Can you make money Magnet Fishing?

The hobby involves searching metal objects such as coins, gold, relics, artifacts, cash box, and others valuables in water bodies …

… These could be rivers, lakes, streams, and even sea.

It helps you to unveil a part of history and earn as a counterpart a good amount of money.

So technically, yes, it is possible to make some money through this hobby! Yet this, at least in my opinion, follows the 80/20 rule …

… In other words, 20% or less of your overall finds will be worth trading for money and 80% or more would probably be worthless money wise!

I highly doubt, though, that this could be to the point of making a straight living out of that, unless you’ve got access to a location known for hosting special and highly valuable finds consistently.

I would like to point something though, if you want to become rich, then Magnet Fishing isn’t probably worth it!

How to make Money Magnet Fishing?

1. Buying and Selling Equipment

Buying and selling magnet fishing equipment is an ethical and legit way to make money. Indeed, there are many different tools that you can suggest from different manufacturers.

These include – bucket, small brush, gloves, magnets, ropes, carabiners and even hooks.

You can buy from the manufacturers and sell them at the best price to the users. It helps you earn a whopping amount of money.

You can sell them online or in the brick and motor stores.

2. Selling Your Finds

Not many find this as the best option, but there are a few people who sell the findings at a good deal.

You must first analyze the value of the metal object you found and then set a decent price for it. Many buyers look forward to buying antique pieces and rare metal objects.

However, before selling, it is essential for you to thoroughly clean the metal objects that are filled with dust and debris to improve its aesthetic value. It helps you get more price than what you are expecting from it.

There is a stigma for people not to sell the finds.

There are collectors for your finds for sure. You just got to find them!

There are a few online stores where you can showcase your finds to let the people from every nook and cranny take a look and buy at the best price.

You can even do organize an auction to bet the best possible price, if you think your find is rare enough!

There are real-time scenarios where people have pulled up knives, watches, guns, swords, and other antiques. They have sold them for thousands of dollars. If you have found something valuable and are not getting a good price for it, conduct online auction, it helps you earn a hefty amount.

There are a few markets where people buy and sell valuable items such as swords, guns, knives, and rare items. People would show interest in possessing the item that is unique by paying handsome money.

Many magnet fishers have found valuable WW II items and sold them for the best price. There are online sites where you can put unique things for sale.

3. Teach the Hobby

If you are good at hunting the metals in the water bodies, you can teach up and coming hobbyists who are curious to learn and go for hunting.

It certainly helps you earn a sweet amount of money. You can start your own YouTube channel to carve a niche for yourself in the magnet fishing world.

From what I can tell, these YouTube are quite popular, since it has become a favorite past time of many.

If luck favors, you can find the treasure in your hunting process. You can record the process you follow while hunting for metal objects in the rivers, lakes, streams, or other places and upload on YouTube. Your videos will certainly get a higher number of views in a short time.

Undeniably, YouTube is the best way to earn a considerable amount of money teaching magnet fishing or sharing videos related to magnet fishing.

The more videos you upload, the more subscribers you get. If you have more subscribers, you get more views, which eventually help you earn profits.

4. Sell the scrap and make money

It is another legit way to make a decent amount of money. It is not that you will get treasure when you go hunting in the water bodies …

… In fact, there are high chances of you ending up getting some broken metal pieces, bike rims, industrial waste, and iron pieces. You can pile up all the scrap at one place and sell them to the local scrapyard.

Every scrap item has its value. You can sell the scrap metal item that is ripped off or in bad condition since people buy metal by weighing it rather than it looks …

… They melt down the metal and make new accessories. The beginners will always look for valuable items when they go for magnet fishing and do not perceive the metal items, which are also valuable.

You can exchange the scrap for money. There are a few scrap buyers who give a good amount of money in return, the metal scrap that is piled up. Every time you go for magnetic fishing, you are assured of earning some cash through the trash.

The other benefit you are doing to the environment is cleaning the scrap and letting the waste piled up in the bottom of the river or lake to go for recycling.

It is a win-win. It fills your pocket and saves the environment from the trash. It is a simple way to make money in your past time.

You should not stop collecting scrap metals. You should never throw the one you get through hunting by assuming it to be useless.

Once you gather a lot of metal, you can take it to the scrap yard. Undeniably, magnet fishing is exciting and is also lucrative.

5. Find treasure

Though the magnet fishing may not help you pick diamond rings, sometimes it surprises you with the treasure.

When the lady luck is on your side, you can get gold coins, relics, or rare antiques or gems.

Your goal should not be to get the treasure all the time. There are limited chances of getting the coins and cash boxes. When you get the treasure, it helps you earn a whopping amount of money.

Final Thoughts …

Hope this short Post has given you more ideas on how to make some cash using your magnet! To be honest, I don’t want you to be obsessed with that …

… Instead, I want you to focus first on having fun as much as possible!

Then, when the openings to make some money present themselves, then why not, just take advantage of every legit and ethical opportunity.

Finally, I would love that you have a look at those magnet fishing tips for beginners! I’ve put a long hours putting them together so you can make the most out of your journey with this hobby.

About the Author

Carissa Harmer

Carissa is the huge metal detecting enthusiast that loves collecting coins. She is also highly interested in other treasure hunting activities like magnet fishing and gold prospecting/panning.