magnet fishing is worth it

Is Magnet Fishing Actually Worth it? (Or a Waste or Time!)

is magnet fishing worth it

Recently, magnet fishing has grown in popularity because of social media, specifically YouTube!

Magnet fisherman have been showing off their catches. How true is it? Everyone knows that things are not always as they appear, because at some point the camera turns off and we don’t get to peak behind the curtain.

Do these people always land treasure? It all depends on the location. Treasure is one of the benefits of magnet fishing, but what the others?

Well, the magnet fishing hobby is worth it in many ways. This article is going to cover the benefits of the hobby and a few reasons when it’s not.

Magnet Fishing Benefits are Worthwhile …

Here are some of the benefits that make magnet fishing worthwhile:

1. Great Excuse to go outdoor

Most can agree, no one gets outside enough. What better reason to get some fresh air and enjoy such a rewarding hobby than to do it while magnet fishing? It gives you one more reason to get out and explore your surroundings. Nature is the last great escape from our conventional inside only lifestyle.

2. Smart way to do some Exercise

Since you’ll be outdoors, you’ll also be doing some walking or the occasional hike to get to your next fishing spot. Exercise is made fun and more enjoyable when you combine it with magnet fishing. It won’t feel like exercise when you are pond hopping looking for your next big catch.

3. Possibility to Make new friends

Along the way you’ll meet new people who also enjoy this rewarding hobby. As mentioned earlier, the popularity of magnet fishing is becoming mainstream because of YouTube. However, magnet fishing is not new. Once you search for online communities you’ll discover many others that have this passion. It’s not unheard of to get groups together for exploring bodies of water.

4. Inexpensive

Fortunately, magnet fishing is a relatively inexpensive hobby to get started in (Check this Starter Kit Price Here at Amazon). The initial startup cost is low and quality equipment will last a long time. Plus, you don’t need much to get started with. Unlike other hobbies, you will not need to frequently upgrade or replace equipment.

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5. Possibility to Find treasure

And for the number reason anyone picks up a magnet to throw in water, the treasure. Magnet fishing is taking metal detecting from land to underwater. There are metal detectors that are fully submersible, but those are expensive and are limited to how deep they are submersible. Also, you can only get so deep yourself without scuba gear or a snorkel. Instead, a magnet attached to a long rope is a better option for reaching those hard to reach areas of a body of water.

Some of these benefits are not unique to this hobby! In fact most of these can directly relate metal detecting. It’s the ability to discover lost metal objects that would otherwise go unnoticed simply because they are difficult to get to.

Most people wouldn’t think to check what might be hidden in their local stream. You could be the lucky one to find what everyone else is missing out on.

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This activity could be great for your Kids

Magnet fishing is a hobby you can introduce your kids to. In this modern day full of electronics, it can be difficult to pry kids away from their devices. Instead, they can imagine they are treasure hunters looking for their next bounty.

It’s a great way to get them out the house and get the exercise they need just like adults. Plus, if you take your kids you’ll have an extra pair of hands to help you carry your equipment and finds. Or, increase your chances of finding something out in the water.

You can earn some money magnet fishing …

Have you ever wondered why you see people on the beach using a metal detector? That’s because they do it for more than just the enjoyment of the hobby but because of the potential financial gain.

That’s right, financial gain. This hobby is no different. You won’t be pulling out diamond rings, but others have been lucky enough to find cash boxes loaded with valuables.

History buffs will appreciate finding firearms from past wars. It’s not unheard for magnet fisherman to find rifles or handguns underwater. Even modern weapons can be found.

Just like for metal detector hobbyists, finding rare and old coins is a major draw to the hobby. Coins of all kinds can be found easily in most bodies of water. Unsearched bodies of water are perfect targets for finding lost and buried rare coins.

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Magnet Fishing Entry Cost is Low!

Startup equipment for magnet fishing is cheap (Check this one Here at Amazon). For the bare essentials, you’ll need a magnet and a strong rope.

At the basic level that’s all you need and on average you’ll spend less than 100 bucks in most cases. With any hobby, there are ways to spend more or less. Typically, the startup cost is relatively low when compared to traditional metal detecting.

Usually, those who participate in metal detecting easily transition into magnet fishing. The concept is similar and without much more of an investment they can get a kit together.

A basic kit involves a magnet, rope, and a sturdy pair of gloves.

This hobby presents few dangers to watch out for

There are some dangers associated with magnet fishing you should be aware of. For one, just being outdoors presents its own set of dangers.

Dehydration, sunburns, mosquitos, wild animals, and other dangers associated with the outdoors should all be considered. Snakes, such as water moccasins, pose a threat to humans. They are semi-aquatic snakes that are poisonous. Spiders are also another animal to be concerned about. Basically, the outdoors can be a dangerous place.

Wearing proper clothing, staying hydrated, and keeping a can of bug spray would lessen your chances of facing these dangers.

Besides nature itself posing a threat, another danger to watch out for is sharp, rusted metals you’ll find littering bodies of water. Tons of rusted metal sit at the bottom of lakes, spillways, and ponds. It’s unclear how this metal ends up there, but if you watch others magnet fish on YouTube you’ll notice how much they reel in.

A pair of sturdy, high-quality gloves are must when handling what you reel in. Although most of the metal is deteriorating, they still have sharp rusted points that can cut and infect you. Nothing will ruin a trip out on the water faster than having to stop to go to the hospital for a cut open hand!

Something unique to magnet fishing that is shocking, yet possible is finding live grenades. It’s a rare occurrence but grenades have been discovered, some with the pin still attached. Knowing the body of water you are fishing in is important.

Firearms and bombs have been found in areas of past wars. You may get lucky and find a WW2-era rifle or not so lucky and find a grenade.

These are some of the dangers you’ll come across while magnet fishing, however don’t let these deter you from enjoying the hobby. The rewards are worth the risk if you take caution and become aware of the dangers.

Magnet fishing is not worth it in these cases

As previously mentioned, locations where past battles took place are dangerous. Besides for those looking for an adrenaline rush, these areas might not be worth exploring considering the amount of potential danger.

Another time it’s not worth magnet fishing is when you don’t know much information about the location you’re at. Laws vary from location to location, but one thing remains the same and that’s private property is off limits. Know the laws of your area and whether the body of water you visit is private property.

Bad weather is another reason to not get your magnet out. The likelihood of being struck by lighting is slim, but having metal in your hands while fishing through a thunderstorm might increase those odds a little.

Another case of bad timing is when fishermen are in the area. It’s not worth the risk of being tangled up in their fishing line, or worse hooked by one of them.

Final Thoughts!

The benefits greatly outweigh the negatives. In fact, with some forethought and pre-planning most of the dangers can be avoided. Magnet fishing is a low entry cost hobby with minimum gear or investment needed. Once you get your initial kit started, there are few upgrades you need if none at all.

However, there is one drawback not mentioned yet and that’s this hobby requires patience. Most of the time your magnet will pull in trash such as nails or fishing lures…

…If you do not have the time or patience to thoroughly fish an area, then this hobby may not be for you. But if you like spending time outdoors with like-minded people and think getting lucky from time to time sounds appealing, then definitely get your kit together.

Finally, this Magnet Fishing Complete Guide for Beginners is Gold! Check it out … I include everything you need to know there!

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