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Do Metal Detectors Detect Tin?

can metal detectors detect tin

I love the nerdy questions sometimes LOL! When I have a passion (like metal detecting) I just love asking all kinds of questions, especially about the items that my metal detector could or could not find …

… One of the metals that I was wondering about lately is Tin!

That’s why I was thinking that maybe I should put together a quick Post where I answer few of these questions.

Hope this will help.

Do metal detectors detect Tin?

Yes, metal detectors can detect tin, because it has enough electrical conductivity! In fact, when the detector search coil emits a magnetic field, once it contacts a given metallic item that can conduct electricity, this simply triggers electricity flow that that the detector can detect and then emit a signal …

… Keep in mind that the iron electrical conductivity is fairly low, so the signals you should get from your machine could sound weak or broken at times.

What Metal Detector to use to find Tin?

Bounty Hunter Tracker 4

Any standard model can be used to find tin. However, if this is one of your goals, then you can use a cheaper but good model like the Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 (Check it Here on Amazon) …

… It is really simple to use, beginner friendly and doesn’t represent any complexity when it comes to settings usage.

If you are about to grab your first detection device, then I highly recommend you start with this model.

What valuable finds are made out of Tin?

The most common use of tin is in the production of solder, which is used to hold plates, joints, and other pieces of metal together.

Some food cans also have a thin sheet of tin as their outer covering. Even cooking utensils, such as cake pans and pie dishes, are made out of tin.

You are unlikely to find anything valuable made out of tin.

Is Tin Valuable?

Even though tin is priced high in the meal and commodities market, there is no value of everyday items made from tin.

If you have a different opinion about that, just let me know!

How to identify Tin?

Tin does not rust and almost never get tarnished; It is known to make a cracking sound when bent.

Its color is quite bright, even shiny and close to silver!

You can learn more about identifying metal targets in general!

Places where you can find Tin Finds

There is no scarcity of places when it comes to finding Tin, generally speaking you should find it in places where there are high people populations …

… These include Parks, Beaches, and any other places where large crowds gather are good places to find tin.


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Usually, I like writing longer articles, they tend to answer more complex questions, and attract more readers …

… Anyway, if you want to learn more about other detection tools, then you really should have a look at this metal detecting gear and equipment list! You will get to know the complete list there and a clear explanation on what each tool does for you!

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