how to store and clean a metal detector

How to Properly Store Your Metal Detector? (Easy Tips)

how to store a metal detector

Metal Detectors are a not cheap, that’s why it is always a wise idea to intentionally store your beloved metal detector in a safe zone to avoid any unnecessary damage …

However, there are some hobbyists who make some mistakes while storing their machine!

That’s why I’ve put together this short article where I provide some easy tips to properly store your detecting machine.

Ideas to properly store your metal detector …

1. Keep it away from sunlight

Just like any other electronic equipment, your metal detector should be stored away from direct sunlight! It is best to store them in a cool, shady, and dry place …

If you store it in direct sunlight, it can heat up the device and cause a malfunction!

In some extreme cases, if you reside in places where the temperature gets very high, it can cause the plastic body of the detector to melt and lead to malfunction. Even the batteries of the device may explode due to the extreme temperatures.

Helpful Tip: Using a metal detector casa is a great way to store your machine. This Quality M. Detector Bag is a good example; it has the ability to absorb shocks in case it falls out.

2. Keep the batteries charged

If you want your metal detector to keep functioning without any problem, keeping the batteries charged even while storing the device is best.

Since most detectors contain Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries, power levels and high temperatures can impact the battery’s functionality. Never leave your battery completely discharged.

The ideal percentage to store your battery should be at least 40%.

3. Regular cleaning of the detector

Do not let your metal detector get muddy or dirty for too long. You should make sure to clean it after every use to ensure that dirt or sand particles do not get trapped and enter from the tiny openings.

This will keep your detector functioning properly and shiny, just like new. It is also a good idea to purchase a protective cover for the search coil to keep it safe from damage and scratches.

Clearing your device with a damp cloth is just fine. There is no need for any harsh chemicals for cleaning.

How to take care of your metal detector?

1. Take proper care of the battery

For most detectors, batteries have a protective cover made up of rubber that prevents any moisture or humidity from getting trapped inside.

Using your detector regularly can lead to scraps or debris getting stuck inside this cover.

This is why the cover should be periodically cleaned and put back again so that the humidity does not cause any damage to the battery.

2. Do not fiddle with the control unit

If you find that your equipment is not working correctly, then do not attempt to fix it by yourself.

Only proceed with fixing the device if you have the knowledge and the skills to fix the control unit. It is always better to get it fixed by a professional or give it to a shop for fixing.

Trying to fix the problem by yourself if you are not aware of the nitty-gritties involved in fixing a metal detector as it may increase the underlying issue or cause more unwanted problems.

3. Always read the user manual

Never throw away the user manual that comes with the metal detector at the time of purchase. Many of us simply assume that it is a boring booklet, and we throw it away.

However, it is important to read the manual that comes with the detector. It includes all the instructions on how to properly store the device and how to take care of the equipment.

The manual also contains helpful information needed to figure out any potential problem and solve it. The manual also guides you on how to properly use the metal detector.

Never leave your metal detector in the car in boiling hot conditions. Due to this, the battery and all the electronic parts of the device may malfunction.

Ideas on storing other metal detecting gear …

There are many other accessories that are essential for any metal detectorist to carry along when you are out searching.

The best way to store all these accessories is to keep them in close proximity to the detector. Clean all your equipment after returning from a detecting trip.

After cleaning and before storing the accessories, you must ensure that they are all dry because otherwise, storing them in wet condition may cause damage to the body or malfunction.

All the accessories should be completely clean and dry before you put them back. Many detectorists prefer to keep the accessories in a big bag that they can simply pick up alongside their detector and be on their way.

Many others prefer to keep the accessories in the trunk of their vehicle itself. However, storing them in the trunk of the car increases the risk of damaging such equipment.

Of course, it’s okay to let a shovel and other digging tools remain in the back of the car, but keeping a pinpointer like this might cause damage to it.

So make sure to also take care of your accessories to have a smooth detecting outing the next time.

Should you disassemble your metal detector after usage?

Storing your metal detector after every use is also important. Improperly storing the detector can cause damage to the exterior and malfunctioning.

If you know that you won’t be using the detector for a prolonged time, it is a good idea to disassemble the parts and store them properly.

This will prevent any kind of damage happening to the detector, plus make it easier to keep as well. If you know that you will be using the detector again in the next ten days itself, then it is better to simply put the detector back in its cover and keep them in a room, either lying down on the floor or leaning against the wall. You can keep it in a waterproof carry bag in your garage as well, ready to go.

No matter how you store the device, just ensure that it is kept in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Should you remove battery from your metal detector after usage?

It is always recommended to remove the battery from your metal detector after every use. This is because it prevents any kind of damage from occurring to the detector if the battery leaks.

This is more likely to happen in places where the temperatures are very high. The heat may cause the battery to expand, burst, or leak out, which might cause damage to the detector.

Final Thoughts …

I really feel very bad for some hobbyists who invest in metal detectors that cost several hundreds and even thousands of dollars and end up unintentionally damaging it because of improper storage or lack of care.

That’s why I highly recommend you to follow the tips I’ve just shared with you to not fall into the same mistake.

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