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9 Best Metal Detecting Books of All Time!

metal detecting books

When you love something, you don’t only practice it, you also read about it as much as possible! And Metal Detecting as a Hobby is no different …

… That’s why, I felt that it would be wise to go through the most relevant Detecting Books out there and share with you the most relevant one and what they are all about!

As far as I am concerned, This is My Favorite Book Period (Check it Here on Amazon)!

Metal Detecting Books for Beginners

1. Metal Detecting for the Beginner By Vince Migliore

This book (Check it Here on Amazon) is an in-depth beginner book that shares a ton of details about the hobby.

The author covers everything – right from the basics to how to find real treasures. All the essential terminology and the science behind how a detector works, to how to dig deep to find real valuable treasures are all provided in the book.

It also contains information on phase shifting, target identification, and everything that a first-time detectorist will need to learn.

It also provides some serious information about gold prospecting. Indeed, it breaks down the right approach when it comes to target discrimination as this is an important part to pick up gold … Not to mention the different accessories suppliers and manufacturers that would help you to reach the goals you want.

By the way, I’ve recently written this metal detecting & treasure hunting beginner guide! You can check it as you will learn a lot!

2. Metal Detecting: A Beginner’s Guide: to Mastering the Greatest Hobby In the World By Mark D. Smith

I’ve just finished reading this book (Check it Here on Amazon) a couple of months ago and I am confidant recommending it even for those with 0 experience.

In fact, it has many illustrations and pictures that make it much easier to understand how to use a pinpointer, how to recover targets, how to properly position the search coil of your detector, as well as many helpful fact you should be aware of.

The author answers some of the commonly asked questions that every novice thinks about … These include:

  • How to choose the right machine
  • Finds identification Determining the value of a given Find
  • … As well as many other common subjects.

While this book on metal detecting is oriented towards beginners, but there are plenty of tips and tricks explained here that even the most experienced treasure hunters can pick up.

Mark Smith even reveals some of his own best-guarded detection secrets in this guide, bringing that elusive treasure even closer to you.

The fully illustrated diagrams, as well as real-life pictures, help describe in detail how to locate the treasure and safely recover it as well.

This book also includes hard to find information on how to clean your finds and where you sell your finds.

3. Metal Detecting For Beginners: 101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started By M. A. Shafer

This book (Check it Here on Amazon) is a very informative guide that has been put together with a lot of thought I would say. It packs in some solid advice and tips not only to provide you with knowledge, but also with the necessary confidence to be successful.

The author includes 101 tips to perform better based on her own previous experiences. Most of those are the dos and don’ts of metal detecting and even on what to look for when buying your first metal detector.

The book even details the procedure of how to detect on private lands and how to ask for permission to detect there effectively.

All in all, it is an enjoyable and easy read!

Books that are more Treasure Hunting Oriented

4. Metal Detecting: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide … By Mark D. Smith

This is another Book (Check it Here on Amazon) from Mark Smith’s collection, it is still designed for beginners, yet it emphasize more on the treasure hunting aspects and how to approach it properly using your beloved metal detector!

It will guide you to pick your very first machine and find the right locations that have high potential. The book also includes personal success stories of the author, which serve as valuable lessons.

The best part, in my opinion, is that it cuts straight through all the technical jargon and spells everything with full-color illustrations. Explained in easy to understand terms, this one is straightforward and simple to follow.

Yet, this doesn’t mean experienced hobbyists wouldn’t learn from this one!

5. How to Research for Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting By Otto Von Helsing

Otto Van Helsing, the Author of this Book (Check it Here on Amazon), is a reputable seasoned professional treasure hunter, researcher and field explorer who has done that for many years!

It is more of a nerdy book as it teaches you the all the details you will need to search for some specific treasures. Also it illustrates the techniques you should rely on to carry out proper historical research into the location you are interested in.

It is definitely one of the most advanced treasure hunting book … Yet, I still think that beginners could use the material included in it for the most part!

6. The Metal Detecting Bible By Brandon Neice

This book (Check it Here on Amazon) is hailed as being the A to Z guide of all things related to metal detecting. It really contains everything you need to know to even become an expert.

Over the years, this one has become a real reference not only for hobbyists but also for treasure hunters.

It doesn’t include extreme details, yet it pretty much covers every aspect of the hobby. One of the main, strengths of this book is that it breakdown sites that have promising potential.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this book unless you’ve got a prior significant experience.

Specialized Detection Books

7. Metal Detecting The Beach By Mark D. Smith

I know what you might be thinking right now, Mark D. Smith Again?! lol, that’s pretty normal as Mr. Smith is a professional detectorist and considered by many as a serious veteran …

… BTW, that’s not the last one on the List …

This Book (Check it Here on Amazon) focuses more on Beach Detecting which is probably the most common aspect of the hobby!

As you may already know, approaching beaches like regular fields is a straight mistake … Indeed, it requires a particular approach … And this one, really breakdown that by providing several tips and strategies that are mostly practical and easy to implement.

You can learn more about using your metal detector in the beach!

8. New Successful Coin Hunting By Charles Garrett

The name Garrett should be familiar to you, isn’t it?! Indeed, This book (Check it Here on Amazon) was written by the founder of the world’s biggest manufacturer of detection equipment out there …

… Even though this one is a little bit biased towards his own brand of products, but in no way does this diminish its value, especially when it comes to coin shooting.

In addition, it provides a detailed discussion on the dos and don’ts of using your machine for finding coins. This includes information on the best locations to opt for, how to find the maximum number of coins with the least effort, and of course, how to identify the type of coin you have found.

So, if you are passionate about coins, then that’s definitely a go-to!

You can learn more about using a metal detector for coin shooting!

9. Metal Detecting Gold: A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Gold Prospecting By Mar D. Smith

If you are looking for gold in its pure form, then this book (Check it Here on Amazon) is certainly a solid asset! We are not talking here about gold coins or jewelry BTW …

Gold Prospecting is very important aspect of the hobby, and you should definitely try it at a certain point in your life.

That’s why, once you are ready, I really recommend you check it as it includes several models recommendations and techniques to find, conserve and clear your gold finds properly.

It comes with photos and diagrams that detail the safest and easiest way to not only locate raw gold but how to recover it as well.

Also, it teaches you on how to sell the gold you find as that’s extremely important if you want to make profit or even a living out of that.

You can learn more about leveraging your gold detector to find gold nuggets!


Really hope these recommendations were as good as you were expecting!

When I recommend a metal detector machine or equipment, generally I just do it without pushing anybody hard to buy or something like that! But when it comes to books, I highly recommend you get at least 2 or 3 to get familiarized with the jargon, understand the basics and even to get yourself excited about this wonderful hobby!

Finally, to learn even more, I highly encourage you to check these metal detecting magazines!

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