Detecting in China

Metal Detecting in CHINA (Helpful Guide!)

Metal Detecting in China

I’ve noticed lately that many hobbyists are looking and asking about the possibilities to use Metal Detector in China …

… That’s why; I’ve decided to put together a quick article in which I answer most of the asked questions regarding the topic!

To be completely transparent with you, doing this is a little bit challenging for me simply because I’ve never been there…

…Yet, I have many Chinese friends who have, somewhat, inspired me to do so … Hopefully you will get most of your concerns answered!

… In this Post, I talk about:

  • How legal it is to detect in China
  • Some places that you might want to target
  • Machine recommendation for Chinese type of Soil
  • Ideas regarding gold prospecting there

So, let’s dive in the topic!

Is Metal Detecting Legal in China?

The main challenge here is to find a text law stating whether this activity is allowed or not! Indeed and unfortunately, I couldn’t find any official text law talking about the hobby …

… So, to answer that, the only way was to check with those who have tried it before!

And the reality is, this hobby is strictly forbidden in China! In other words, if you are caught using a detector there, your machine could be confiscated and you might also face a hefty fine and might even face imprisonment.

The only way is to be part of a mining company … Otherwise, it is not possible!

In addition, if you find a way to detect without being caught with Chinese local authorities, the law states that you should return to local authority offices any old coins, valuables jewelry, gold items and any other item holding a financial or historical value in it!

I am not sure about that, but as a return they should give a praise or reward!

Also, leaving uncovered holes, especially those that could potentially hurt citizens is forbidden … So, if were able to detect there, make sure you dig and cover the holes properly.

Places where you may detect in China …

If you were able, somehow, to detect in China, then here are some of the best places where you may want to try your luck:

  • Gan River in Xingan County
  • Qin Chuan Plains in Shaanxi Province
  • Heaven Lake (Tiānchí)
  • Shennongjia Forest
  • The sunken city of Shicheng – great for underwater exploration
  • Baigong pipes near Mount Baigong

What Machines are adapted for Chinese Soil?

Garrett AT Pro

China is such a vast country that has a diverse variety of soils! All types of soil, except for the highly leached podzolic-gley soils of the northern taiga and the ground of the tundra region, can be found in China…

…Generally speaking, Chinese soil could be classified into two groups:

  • The northern part of the Qin Mountains-Huai River line is calcareous and neutral to alkaline in reaction.
  • In the southern part of the country, you will find leached non-calcareous soils or pedalfers. This type of soil is neutral to acid.

The Garrett AT Pro (Check it Right Here on Amazon!) is the best and safest pick that can be used in Chinese soil!

This All-Terrain model is a VLF device that has been designed to be all-purpose. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and it is a rugged machine that has a very durable exterior…

…So whether you are exploring a beach or at the local park, the equipment will perform with the highest accuracy and with minimal maintenance!

AT Pro is particularly great when it comes to coin shooting, jewelry or relics searching…

…It could also do a good job searching for gold as it operates at a 15 kHz frequency!

Finally, if you like using more technologically advanced machines! You can Check this Minelab device on Amazon! It brings lot of new features to the table!

Gold Prospecting in China …

It often surprises people to know that China is the world’s largest producer of gold!

As a result of this, there is a solid potential detecting gold there … Again, keep in mind the limiting legal aspect of it!

The regions in Eastern China have the highest prospecting potential for gold. There are also great prospects in the Dazhuohan region, the Shandong province, and some other parts of this Asian country.

For more solid info about this topic! You seriously should have a look at this Gold Detection Article! You will learn some helpful info on how to come up with native gold in an efficient way!

What Other finds should you also expect?

Coins are one of the most popular finds in China!

In fact, in 2017, villagers on a treasure hunt dug up over 500 kilograms of Qing dynasty coins near the Gan River in the Xingan country in Jiangxi province. The villagers, though, ran into trouble with law enforcement officials after digging up the coins.

Also, there are high chances to come across Russo-Japanese war relics! This includes all sort of ammunition …

Are there detecting manufacturers?

There are no well-known manufacturers of detectors or related equipment in China!

There might be some small local manufacturers who are manufacturing some detecting equipment, but the quality of these items are generally under a shadow of doubt.

Getting a Permit!!

There is, unfortunately, no procedure in place for getting a detection permit in China. This is due to the complete and blanket ban on this activity in the country…

… You will not get permission unless you work or represent a mining Company!


This Post was shorter than what I usually write! Usually, I put together longer and more details Posts …

… But that’s normal as the information I’ve was able to gather is limited too!

Yet, I really hope that I’ve answer some of your questions …

… Other than that, if you’ve had the chance to visit China and tried to use a detector there … Than, please let me know about your experience … Maybe, there are some openings, who knows!

Finally, I really encourage you to check this Australia Detecting Guide! I’ve included in it some helpful info to help you have a better experience exploring this Amazing country using your machine …

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Carissa is the huge metal detecting enthusiast that loves collecting coins. She is also highly interested in other treasure hunting activities like magnet fishing and gold prospecting/panning.