Detecting in Maine

Metal Detecting in MAINE (Helpful Guide for Valuable Finds!)

Metal Detecting in Maine

Maine, a small but beautiful state with a very interesting history, is also a proper state for those who are looking for a peaceful atmosphere and circumstances to enjoy Metal detecting!

Yet, this doesn’t mean that you should not have a deep look at the regulating rules for the hobby … In fact, it is always an important thing to consider before starting your journey in there!

Simply because I don’t want you to have any unnecessary problems, Instead I want you to have fun and come up with some solid finds …

… In this post, I dive into the most important info that you should, at least, be aware of before you start your journey there … Actually, I talk about …

  • The most relevant regulations that you should respect
  • Some good locations to explore
  • What it takes for gold prospecting in the state
  • Popular find in there
  • Beaches and Parks that you can head to
  • Some good clubs that you can consult
  • In addition to some other useful info …

So, without further ado, let’s get into the good stuff!

What are the metal detecting laws in Maine?

In the state parks of Maine, any detection on historical grounds is strictly prohibited! According to Maine’s government website, any other detecting on state grounds needs to be done only with a permit from the park.

Also, the activity is not allowed in Acadia National Park. Maine is a pretty strict state when it comes to government parks and land, so be very careful to make sure you call the park, obtain the proper permits, and listen to any law enforcement that may be around.

If someone from local authorities tells you that you need to have a permit for certain land, then, you probably should get one…

… And if he/she tells you that you are not allowed to be somewhere, then just leave. Do not take any risks in Maine, and definitely call ahead to any state land you want to explore. Take your permit with you when you go as well.

Best Places to Detect in Maine?

One place that seems to be popular in Maine is Long Sands Maine … It is a shore along the coast that is rumored to have all sorts of exciting treasure, valuable and otherwise!

The shores of Maine are really cool because even if the air is warm, the water is cold. The cold water will wash in lots of interesting things, so be on the watch!

If you want to go to Long Sands, call ahead for a permit! That is the most important part because you can’t metal detect from jail lol. Once you get your permit and you’re ready to go, head out to the shore and be prepared for the cold water…

… Make sure your equipment is ready to get wet as well!

Many of the shores along the coast of Maine are exciting places to explore, so search the shore and be cognizant of the permits necessary!

Best Detection Machine for Maine Soil!

Garrett AT MAX

This State is known for its Ground Types Dieversification! There is many types of Soils that you might deal with including the conductive soil!

That’s why a multi-terrain detector will work fine in such circumstances! The Fisher F22 (Check it Here on Amazon!) is a very good choice … Keep in mind that it is pretty cheap … However, if you have no problem investing in a much more established model, then I honestly recommend the Garrett AT MAX (Check it Right Here on Amazon!), it is one of my favorite machines!

The latter is an enhanced version of the notorious Garrett AT Pro, and it brings much higher performances on all the detection aspects, including sensitivity to smaller targets, depth underground, ground balancing, accurate Target IDs, recovery speed …

Gold Prospecting in Maine …

Maine is a great place to start looking for gold!

Keep in mind that that you need a permit for any government land that allows the activity, As far as what you can keep, the law does not say anything about what needs to be reported so it seems that you can keep anything you find! (However, I would say that it is ethical to give back an item if you know the owner)

Anyway, according to the forums surrounding Maine metal detecting, most of the gold is on the west side of the state!

Some cool spots to try are Sandy River and the Chandler Hill stream

… You can also start at Gold Brook and the south branch of the Penobscot River all of which have been reported to have gold!

Running water is always a good place to go h.unting, so make sure your equipment is waterproof!

What other finds should you expect in there?

Aside from the typical finds like coins and bottle tops, Maine has had some pretty cool finds!

Some experienced searchers who have access to private lands have found historical items that were relics to the people who owned the land…

… A lot of pennies are found and detectorists have come up with a funny nickname for them. Pennies are known as “Stinkin’ Lincolns” because so many people find them and hate that they haven’t found something more exciting.

Standing Liberty Quarters are fairly common to find, and there are some pretty old and weird items out there as well.

One explorer reported a brass letter opener (Learn more about detecting brass)! There are some pretty random items out there from the settlers and past generations, so get out there and start looking!

Beach detecting in Maine …

Maine beaches are typically state parks if they aren’t private beaches!

If they are state property, you need to get a permit … If it is historical property, you aren’t allowed to detect there at all!

To get a permit, just call the park to talk to the staff … Some popular beaches to explore there include Popham Beach State Park, Long Sands Beach, and Birch Point Beach State Park!

Again, just make sure you have a permit if you are going swing your beloved machine there!

Exploring Maine State Parks …

Most forums and websites suggest detection activities are better along the west side of Maine!

This means that the state parks are better along the west side as well! Although this is not always the case as many great finds have been discovered on the beaches of Maine, it is a good rule to follow when it comes to state parks.

Some state parks the come recommended are Mount Blue State Park, Lily Bay State Park, and Baxter State Park.

All of these are farther inland, but some still have shores, so you still get the benefit of being next to a body of water!

As a final note about the parks in Maine, be sure to stay away from Acadia National Park, though, as detecting is strictly prohibited in national parks!

Using your Detector in Maine Woods …

Detecting in the woods of Maine seems to be a very popular activity!

Since the Native American Indians were the first to settle the state, there is a lot of possibility lying out in the woods.

The tribe of Wabanaki could have had settlements in lots of places that are grown over now, so keep a good eye out.

I didn’t find any specific information about where to search in the woods besides the fact that some ghost towns like Flagstaff and Riceville can be a good start!

Are there detecting clubs there?

There seem to be only two main clubs in Maine! This is understandable considering that the state is so small…

… One is the M. Detecting – Maine and Beyond club that can be found easily on Facebook. It is a public group that encourages the hobby and friendships between people who love practicing it!

The other club is the M. Detecting Maine club that seems more exclusive. You need to set up an account to see the website, but I’m sure they are just as welcoming as much as the first club!

Are there equipment dealers there?

There are several equipment dealers in the state!

Kittery Trading Post, although it has other outdoor adventure equipment, carries metal detectors in several price ranges.

White’s Metal Detectors, an offshoot of Republic Jewelry, actually specializes in all sorts of related equipment.

In fact, they have detectors covering all price tags so whatever your budget is, you will be able to find one that suits you the most!

They also rent, which is a great option as well. Other than those two, there are a few outdoors stores that may have detection equipment, but chances are you won’t be able to talk to a professional who knows what he’s talking about unless you go to a specialty store like the ones mentioned above.


If you are a hobbyist (which I am sure you are!) who lives in Maine or if you are intending to go there pretty soon, then I really want you to be aware of the good opportunities to have lot of success detecting there …

… And you don’t want to miss on such an opportunity!

Just stick, as much as you possibly can, to the rules and always detect in an ethical way … And yea, you should be doing absolutely fine!

Finally, if you are looking for other states to explore, then I highly invite you to have a look at this detecting guide in Oregon!

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