geocaching finds

What Can You Find Geocaching? (10 Possible Finds …)

geocaching finds

There is no shortage in what you can find while geocaching! There is really a ton …

Some of them are very common, but some others are quite rare and it would be really fun and exciting to come across those rare ones!

In this article, I breakdown most geocaching finds out there, how they look like and what is special about them …

Common geocaching finds

1. Logbook

logging for a geocaching find

Almost every cache you come across will have a logbook. The purpose of the logbook is to sign and date it with your name, you can use the name you started your account with, and to let others know you were there.

Also it is part of the game to sign the logbook so be sure you are bringing a pen with you.

In some cases the logbook will be damaged or missing. Rain and condensation seem to be the main reason these get damaged.

Good Practice: When you log your find on the app be sure to let the owner of the cache know it’s missing. Learn about these geocaching apps!

2. Rubber Stamp

What’s the deal with rubber stamps? Well, they are for your personal logbook. Many cache owners have their own custom made rubber stamps for other players to use. It adds a personal touch to their cache and makes them unique.

You could do the same. It’s not necessary to go have a custom stamp made, but you could have your own signature stamp. Go find a couple of star stamps and leave them in your caches.

For the world travelers out there, they like to stamp their passports as a reminder of their adventures.

3. Trinkets/Swag

Trinkets and swag are similar. They are for players to swap with other players. It’s the same principle as see a penny, take a penny.

You could have your personal favorite kind of trinket to trade with – plastic army men, fake gold coins, fake jewelry. Anything small to fit in a cache will work. Try to be unique with what your signature trinket is.

And remember, trade one for one. As tempting as it may be, it’s best to leave something behind for the next player. Or, even better is to leave something without taking anything.

4. Keychains/Magnets

These items are little more valuable than a plastic toy. You may come across a keychain from another state, or a magnet of a local restaurant.

It’s not as common to find these objects in caches, simply because they are usually much larger than other tradeable items.

You’re more likely to come across these in large cache. Think more along the lines of ammo cans since they are able to store more stuff than say a pill bottle.

A rule of thumb is to trade a keychain or magnet for one of equal value. Dollar stores typically have inexpensive keychains, so do yourself the favor and stock up on some. As for magnets, try souvenir shops that have discount prices.

5. Trackables

Trackables are physical game pieces that move from geocache to geocache in order to make a goal destination. Players will take the trackable out of one geocache, log it with its unique tracking code, then place it in another geocache.

The owner of the trackable is able to see how far the trackable travels as players move the trackable from one location to another.

Types of trackables include: geocoins, tags, t-shirts, and many more. Geocoins tend to be the most common.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to start a trackable of your own. You can buy one from the official website and give it a goal location. Everytime a player picks it up and drops it off you will get notified.

Less Common Geocaching finds

6. Money

Yes, money is sometimes left in a geocache. Before you get too excited, don’t expect to find a ton of money. Instead, expect to find a quarter or two. If you’re lucky, it will be shiny.

For one reason or another players tend to empty out their pockets of loose change and leave it behind in a cache.

No one is complaining about free money. However, it’s always a weird feeling exchanging your swag for quarters.

But, if you are a coin collector, numismatist if you want to be technical, then you are in luck. You might come across a coin you were looking for.

You can trade out coins from your collection you don’t want for ones you do.

Finally, you can learn these tips to make money Geocaching!

7. Jewelry

Excluding costume jewelry, you might come across real jewelry. Not at all common, but it happens.

Simple rope necklaces or maybe a bracelet of lesser quality gold and silver find their way into caches.

There’s a story of a player who came across a $600-$800 gold and diamond watch in a cache.

As the story goes, a woman had left it because it reminded her of someone close, possibly a lost loved one.

The player was able to contact the woman after finding the watch and asked if she wanted it back. She said no.

Don’t count on something like that ever happening, just know it’s a possibility.

8. Custom Geocache Swag

It’s a shame at how uncommon it is to come across custom geocache swag. You would think there would be more out there. Unfortunately, there’s not much.

However, when you do come across it, it’s always a pleasure to see. These custom items could come in all kinds of forms. People will make custom coins by hand or they’ll paint a rock with a specific symbol.

Painted thumbtacks started to rise in popularity. Custom shoe tags also began to pop up in caches. These shoe tags are attached through the laces on your shoes and usually have a phrase associated with geocaching on them. For example, “Geocaching, Get out and Play.”

Maybe you could be the one to turn this into a more common find.

9. Nosy Muggles

More often than you would imagine you will find that people are not generally interested in you. Most people will pass you by and not think twice about you. The idea that muggles are constantly out looking for you is not necessarily true.

They may give you a puzzled look as you dig into bushes, but for the most part they’ll let you be. That’s if you are not being overly suspicious. Constantly looking over your shoulder while you dig in a bush is kind of suspicious.

If you look as though you belong then you’ll be fine. As far as anyone knows, you probably lost something in that bush you are digging in.

Learn more about muggles in geocaching!

10. Other players

The goal of geocaching is to blend in and get out as smoothly as possible. If a player is good enough, you wouldn’t even notice them. Which is why it’s not common to find another player out while you are hunting.

They are trying to be as stealthy as you are.

That doesn’t mean they are not out there. They just are not advertising what they are doing. You should be doing the same. A good way to find out if another player is or was near you is to check the log of your most recent cache.

The time of the log will tell you whether or not another player snuck past you without you even knowing.

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Final Thoughts …

Hope this article has given you a clear idea on what you should expect in terms of finds while geocaching.

Please note that this article includes only some of the possible finds. That is to say, you can really find much more than that, I will leave this to you.

Finally, I encourage you to check these tips to practice geocaching without a Gps. You will learn a lot!

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