3D Metal Detector

3D Metal Detectors [Everything You Need To Know!]

3D Metal Detectors

Let’s talk about some advanced technology right now! If you are used to conventional detecting machines, this Post should be very helpful for you …

… In fact, the advancement of technology has today made it possible for metal detectors to take a technological leap and move on to three-dimensional abilities!

These 3D metal detectors are one of the most powerful and innovative detection systems for:

  • Gold
  • Minerals
  • Treasures buried underneath the ground

These machines mostly work on three systems, including:

  • Radar
  • Electromagnetic system
  • Photogrammetry

They are able to provide 3D graphics on your detector’s screen, allowing you to get a better idea about what you have found.

The devices are able to detect gold and other archaeological treasures easily and to a greater depth! The direct three-dimensional imagine technology in them help you determine even the name of the metal that you have detected.

In addition, they work efficient in:

  • Sandy soil
  • Rocky areas
  • Mud
  • Basaltic rocks
  • Mineralized grounds.

What is the difference between 3D and a regular Metal Detector?

There are many differences between a generic and a 3D detector!

One of the main differences is that a typical detector is designed for operating on a lower frequency than the 3D MD, to allow for the detection of relics, coins, and other metals with significant conductivity and size.

3D detectors, on the other hand, can operate on much higher frequencies even in difficult ground conditions…

…They can pick up metals, such as gold in particular, even in very small sizes. They also do a much better job when it comes to discrimination.

Another difference usually lies in the coil size. Typically, the coil size for 3D MD is smaller than average. This allows the device to be more sensitive to smaller targets, such as very small pieces of gold. The latter is generally just sub-gram in weight. The smaller the coil, the smaller the metal that it will be able to detect.

So to sum up the main differences/advantages of a 3D machine are regarding these elements:

  • Ground balancing
  • Detecting in more difficult ground conditions
  • Accuracy of finding smaller metals
  • Frequency
  • Depth

What are the Best 3D Metal detectors in the Market?

There is a large variety of models available in the market today! However, keep in mind that these devices are more expensive than the regular machines.

But for sure, you will have a much better user experience with 3D detectors since you will be getting a much better and clearer picture of the environment and also have a higher chance of finding treasures.

Keep in mind that some of these detectors are better for regular targets like coins, while others are more adapted for larger treasures.

Some of the best examples of 3D metal detectors include:

  • Makro Deephunter (Check it Here on Amazon! This one is probably the Best out there …)
  • DRS 3D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro
  • Gold Master
  • Makro New JeoHunter 3D Dual System (Check this One Here on Amazon!)
  • OKM
  • YaeCCC Model (This is a Chinese Model, Very Cheap, You can Check its Price Here on Amazon!)
  • Fosa Model
  • BSTOOL Model (This one is very similar to the YaeCCC Model, you can Learn more about it Here on Amazon!)

When to Opt for a 3D Detector?

As far as I am concerned there are a certain number of cases in which you should opt for such a machine:

The price: As I’ve said a little bit earlier, these devices are generally expensive … So if you can’t afford it, you probably should not put yourself on a situation to get it regardless … However, if you have a big budget, then, I mean, why not?  That would be a cool experience, for sure!

Buried treasures: If you are looking for treasures and you are sure that it is located in some specific place (using an old map for example), then opting for this machine would probably be a great investment. I mean the ROI will be tremendous …

Gold hot spots: If you live in a country rich in valuable items, yet in small sizes like gold or platinum nuggets, then of course you can use a regular gold detector … Yet, in a hot spot, it would be smarter to use a 3D device as you will find things quicker and the ROI will be more interesting.

High depth: Generally, regular machines can’t go deep more than 13 or 14 inches in the best cases … So, what if your targets are located deeper, much deeper than that (300 or 400 inches), then here you go, that’s a legit reason to opt for one.

Underground work: Let’s say you want to do any kind of underground work on a specific land. You probably need to make sure that there are no things like electrical wires underground for example … a 3D machine will be extremely helpful in this case, you will get the exact information where these kind of stuff is located so you won’t get caught off guard!

What finds should you expect with 3D Metal Detector?

This machine is a huge asset when it comes to helping you find a wide range of metals, including:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Tungsten
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel

Many of them are also capable of locating Gemstones, this includes:

If you don’t know this yet, this is a huge limitation for regular detectors!

In fact, they can’t find gemstones … The only way for regular devices is to use gold as an indictor, in other words, whenever gold is found in decent quantities this means that there are good chances of finding gems.

What makes 3D machines able to overcome this limitation is the presence of intelligent micro-computer CPU control technology

… Generally, the amount of finds you should expect is much higher! This is simply due to their search range that can go up to 800 meters (2624 feet), with a varying detecting depth of at least 14 to 16 meters (around 50 feet).

What about the laws surrounding the use of 3D Metal Detectors?

There is no special law that governs the use of these devices! At the best of my knowledge, the same laws that apply to using regular detectors are also applicable to the use of the 3D detectors…

For example, in Canada, you can easily use 3D MDs without requiring a permit whatsoever

… However, at the same time, in countries like China, Russia, Portugal, and some others, since this hobby is generally prohibited, this goes the same for the advanced machines…

… In fact, if you are caught using it in these countries, you could be fined, your device could be confiscated, and you might even face the prospect of jail time in some extreme cases.

At the same time, in countries such as the UK, you can use them as far as you’ve acquired the required license/permit.

In the US, this depends a lot on which state you are heading to, yet in most cases, the restrictions are pretty limited…

… For more information about the different laws regarding this hobby, you should have a look at these countries in which you can metal detect!

Using 3D Detectors with Android phones?

There are many modern day 3 dimension detectors and ground scanners that use software apps!

These apps can be installed on your Android phone and can also be used on tablets or PCs. All you need to do is download the app onto your smartphone and start using it after pairing it with your detector through either Bluetooth or through WiFi.

These apps are used as a graphical user interface (GUI) and they allow you to control the functionality of your equipment from our phone itself.

This helps you visualize the measured data in three-dimensional graphics on your Android phone, helping you determine if there is any buried treasure, artifact, or any other structure hidden in the underground soil.

For example, OKM’s Rover UC was one of the first 3D devices that made use of an Android application as a controller…

…The Android app installed on a smartphone is one of the best solutions for using this disguised undercover detector. The app allowed a special combination of a metal detector and a portable device and set many new standards in detection technology.

Using it with iOS phones?

They also come with the facility of using them from the ease of your iOS smartphone!

After you have downloaded the app on your smartphone, open the app and pair your phone with your detector with the use of Bluetooth or WiFi.

Once both of your devices are paired, you will then be able to visualize the 3D graphics from the detection site onto your smartphone.

You can then maneuver your device according to where you want to take a closer look based on the visuals being broadcasted to your phone.

There are many 3 dimension devices that come with the facility of using them along with your phone. These include:

  • BSTOOL Model
  • eXp 6000
  • Bionic X4
  • GeoSeeker

Do They represent any limitations?

There are not really any limitations that are applicable to 3D MDs specifically!

It can be said that the electromagnetic field that they create could be slightly more than the regular ones, but as of today, there are no studies that prove this.

This electromagnetic field could cause electrical interference to other, nearby electronic devices that someone might have in their possession.

This could also include medical devices such as pacemakers, though again, there is no clear evidence to show this.

However, it is believed that since 3D metal detectors have a very strong electromagnetic field, it could prove harmful to people who have pacemakers.

How to choose the right 3D Detector?

This is a common question asked by many new prospectors and searchers of treasures underground!

Making the best choice is a slightly complicated task, especially for beginners in this field considering the:

  • Large number of choices.
  • Significant investment you are about make.

You need to first consider your needs, your budget, and what features you want in your device. The price factor is one of the most important ones for anybody considering making such a purchase!

Also consider your actual need where it falls exactly among the following:

  • Small target
  • Individual coins
  • Buried gold treasures
  • Searching for precious gemstones
  • Exploring ancient runes
  • Gold ore prospecting.

Also, consider the ease of use. In fact, these machines are usually heavier than your generic detectors, so keep in mind where you will be carrying your device and how.

For example, if you want the cheapest 3D device that covers a depth of up to 10 meters … Then choosing the Evo imaging device will serve your purpose just perfectly …

… Other than that, if you like classical machines! You ccan have a look at this guide on Picking the right detection device!

Where to buy 3D detectors?

You can easily order them online or from shops that sell metal detectors and other related equipment.

While these shops usually keep your average-priced detectors, you might have a bit of a hard time in finding a 3D machines, since they are priced above the regular ones and also not many detectorists come looking for these.

It is possible, though, that the shopkeeper will order one for you if you pay in advance or place a confirmed order with them.

Ultimately, the easiest way of buying it is online! Many manufacturing companies sell them through their own company retail sites, whereas, Amazon and eBay are also selling all these models and brands.

Why are These devices so expensive?

There is no denying the fact that these machines are quite expensive!

The main reason behind this is that they contain advanced technology which allows you to visualize what the detector is detecting in a three-dimensional view and in real time.

Due to their ability to visualize the underground in three dimensions, they are more expensive than regular ones…

… Furthermore, they also include excellent ground balance, have a higher sensitivity range, and their pinpoint locating accuracy, are all features that drive their prices Way UP!

Are there any cheap 3d detectors made in China (for example)?

There are numerous cheaper models that are made in China (You can Check this one Here on Amazon!), but keep in mind that these models will not have the ability to visualize the underground very clearly!

These models may also not have good ground balance, sensitivity range, and may lack a strong discrimination feature.

For example, if you are looking for a cheaper 3D detecting machine that can detect up to a depth of fewer than 10 meters, then there are many models out there by these Chinese companies:

  • AKS
  • Junhong Electronics
  • Shanghai Qile International Trade Company

Below an example of using AKS just to have a feel of what I am talking about:



This is not an advanced guide about 3D detecting machines as you can see! All what I wanted is to give you a feel of what this new advanced technology look like …

… Hopefully, you’ve learnt something new!

Finally, if you have any questions, suggestions or if you know some additional & helpful information about the topic, I will be very happy and grateful if you let me know in the comment section below!

Other hobbyists will learn from your experience …

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