3 Best Long Range Metal Detectors in The Market Today!

Unlike regular detecting machines, long range detectors have a totally different principle! They don’t require you to go over the targets to be able to detect it. Indeed, they are able to pick them up from a far distance …

… In this article I discuss the brands that are the most reputable in the market today!

1. GER DETECT Titan 500

This long range detector (Check it Here on Amazon) is meant to help you find gemstones including diamond. Even those stored deep inside the ground.

This model from GER DETECT scans up to a longer depth in the ground without putting much effort.

There are 3 modes of search systems. One is used to search the long diamonds, the other one is used for small diamonds, and there is a search system that is exclusively designed for searching the gemstones.

It can detect the diamonds or precious stones that are in 3000 meters radius from where you are and 65 meters in depth.

The device will show the information in six different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Arabic, and Spanish. You can choose the language as per your convenience.

You can determine the soil and target where you are going to search for the valuables.

The device is lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere with ease. If you want to go for a treasure hunt on a day, you can take this along with you.

The digital system has sensors that will detect the exact location of the valuable items under the ground. The signal will indicate you with the right spot where you can discover gemstones and diamonds buried underground at a greater distance and in-depth.

You can use the antenna system to locate gold and valuable items under the ground effectively.

You can set up the Antenna on the device. When the device begins its operations, the transmitter will send a signal to the receiver, and the Antenna will create a spatial current that produces many signals. It covers a vast area in a few minutes to detect the treasure.

2. Gold Hunter

This model (Check it Here on Amazon) is adapted for detecting gold, silver, coins, treasures, cavity, and jewelry, this is an excellent option for you to buy.

It is perfect to be used by the professional detectorists and archeological department. They can use it to discover the hidden treasure and valuables buried under the soil.

There are 6 different modes in which you can perform the search:

  • Ground search system: When you set the device to this search, you can hunt for gold and treasures.
  • Underground search system: This mode will help you search for gold veins, gold nuggets, and underground mines with ease.
  • Underground silver search system: You can search for the silver items by setting the device to this mode.
  • Historical sites: You can find the treasure in the historical sites such as caves, hollows, and ancient tombs by setting the device to the respective mode.
  • Scope of the device: You can set the device scope of 500 meters, 1500 meters, and 2000 meters as per your requirement.
  • Precious stones
  • You can search for diamonds, gemstones and precious stones with ease

The Geolocation technology will help you detect the target range of 2000 meters or 6500 feet from the place where you are standing. Besides this, it also identifies the target that is in-depth of 35 meters.

You can set the metal that you want to search using this detector. It helps you to unearth the appropriate metal with ease.

You can use this in the caves, ancient tombs, and hollows to discover the treasure.

It works with multiple languages such as German, French, English, and Arabic.

The equipment runs with the help of a battery. With a single charge, you can use it throughout the day.

3. Britbe Tesoro Hunter

This long-range metal detector (Check it Here on Amazon) is an solid option that gives precise detecting results for all different kinds of targets!

The Geolocation technology will help you detect the target in a long-distance and deep inside the ground. It is best for the people who want to locate the long-range target.

It should locate the gold, silver, and other valuable items in no time. The professional detectorists and archeological departments use the tool to locate the treasure underground.

The detector’s best thing is that it can find the small nuggets under the ground with ease.

You can only use the iconic system on the drylands where metals would melt with the increase in the temperature. The metals will emit the ions, and these can be detected with this equipment.

It helps you to find the target that is in 1500 meters distance and 50 meters in depth

If you are using the detector in the humid area or where there is a lot of water that is accumulated from rain, then it detects the treasure in those areas using the Antenna. You can attain effective results by using the cardinal points, i.e., north to south and east to west.

Final Thoughts…

Hope this quick post has given you a clear idea on what long range detecting machine you should opt for!

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