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20 Creative Metal Detecting Gift Ideas for Hobbyists!

metal detecting gifts

Do you have a family member or a dear friend who is a metal detecting enthusiast? If so, I believe it would be a great idea to offer him a gift related to this hobby …

Believe me, this will be one of the best gifts would could possibly offer to him/her.

Below a list of 20 possible gift ideas you can get inspired from before you can make your buying decision.

And yes, you can thank me later

1. Metal Detecting Log Book

While metal detecting, it is very common to find lot of targets on the same day. So, having a log book journal where your friend can record his finds is extremely useful.

Recommendation: There are several metal detecting log books out there. But the one that has proven to be the most helpful in my opinion is this Log Book Journal. It also has a beautiful cover design!

2. A Professional Serrated Digger

Many detectorists only have a metal detector on their gear list. They usually don’t have a digger.

By offering one, you will help your friend reduce the effort needed to dig to pick up his finds!

A good choice is the SE Prospector’s digger (Check it Here at Amazon) that has a heat-treated carbon steel blade with serrated edges on both sides.

The digger has a plastic handle, handguard, and it comes with its own belt-look sheath to allow for easy carrying while on a hunt.

3. Coin Display Case

A coin display case (Like This One) for a treasure hunter who is proud of their coin collection is the perfect gift.

Coin hunters who do not prefer keeping their valuable finds in a coin binder can use a display case to show off their discoveries proudly.

Many of these cases come with a mahogany finish, six to seven rows, with each shelf having a grooved lip to hold the coins perfectly.

The ideal size should be 17″ x 14″ x 1 3/4″. Many display cases also come with a lock and key to keep the contents safe.

4. PinPointer

An excellent addition to metal detection gear is a pinpointer!

The one, I recommend the most is the Garrett PRO Pointer (Check it Here at Amazon)!

It is popularly known as a Carrot, and it is one of the most popular pinpointers in the market. Pinpointers are easier to use than a large search coil and great for tight spaces and rocky terrains.

This model is waterproof and operates across all terrains! It is a slightly expensive gift, but worth the money spent.

5. Escape Room Game – Finders Seekers

This detectorist style finding game is a game for the whole family.

The Escape Room Game adds adventure and mystery, and you can even purchase a subscription to the game to get a new city with a new escape room every month.

6. Bronze Roman Gladiator Coin

For coin hunters, a Roman coin can be a great find when on the hunt. You can find many authentic 337-361 AD Brzone Roman Gladiator coins that make for the perfect gift.

There are some genuine coins you can buy with the face of Constantius II on one side of the coin and a gladiator ready to fight and slay his combatant on the other side.

7. Metal Detecting T-shirt

You can get many cool metal detecting themed T-shirts (Like This One). Detecting while wearing a stylish T-shirts is just cool.

There are some T-shirts with many fun treasure hunting quotes printed on them.

8. Jewelry Display Case

Similar to the coin display case, there are many types of jewelry display cases you can purchase.

Buying an antique jewelry display case is perfect for detectorists who have found a significant amount of jewelry.

These cases are ideal for displaying rings, bracelets, and other jewelry found while detecting. A glass top gives a clear view of the items displayed inside.

9. Gold Panning Kit

If the detectorist you know is interested in gold prospecting, buying a gold panning kit (Like This One) can be the perfect gift.

There are many affordable panning kits you can get. Most kits come with two pans in a kit, a classifier suction bottle, gold vials, and 2-in-1 tweezers/magnifiers.

These kits are perfect for beginners as well as experienced gold prospectors.

10. Metal Detecting Gloves

metal detecting gloves

Every detectorist needs a pair of good-quality gloves (Check those Recommendations). Gloves are an excellent gift for detectorists as they keep running out of them.

Imagine digging around in rugged, compact dirt or digging in the cold. With rocks and roots posing a threat to the hands, detectorists often find themselves getting cuts, scratches, and other injuries on their hands.

To safeguard their hands and keep them warm, metal detecting gloves are a great gift.

11. Beginner’s Guide to Metal Detecting

If you know someone who is just starting in the field of metal detecting, A Beginner’s Guide to Metal Detecting (Like This One) is the perfect helpful gift you can give them.

Such guidebooks are usually written by experienced detectorists and gives newcomers a great idea about everything they need to know to get started.

You should also find detailed information about the different types of available machines, where to search, searching techniques, and how to identify, record, clean, and store your finds.

12. Carry Bag for a Metal Detector

While many detectors come with their own carry bags, some are not sold with a carry bag!

It is also possible that the original carry bag got ripped and damaged from wear and tear over the years.

Gifting a carry bag (Like This One) for a metal detector is a sweet gift. These bags are typically made from tough, padded, and water-resistant 800 denier polyester.

It helps keep the detector safe and clean when on the move. Do make sure the bag has two handles and a shoulder strap to make it easy to carry.

13. Kid’s Detecting Starter Bundle

There are many starter packs available for children that contain a variety of metal detecting accessories.

However, these don’t include the metal detector as those can be pretty expensive. A typical starter bundle includes a baseball cap, finds pouch, small magnifying glass, and a mini spade for digging.

14. Coil and Environmental Cover

It may not appear so, but even the covers and other accessories for metal detecting can add up to the overall cost pretty quickly.

Gifting someone accessories like a coil cover that protects the detector’s search coil from wear and tear, scrapes, and extends its lifetime, is a great idea. You can often find a bundle offer of a coil and environmental cover together.

An environmental cover protects the detector’s control box from dust, rain, splashes, dirt knocks, scrapes, and any other possible environmental damage.

15. Power Pack

Many manufacturers sell separate Power Packs to extend the battery life and detecting hours of the metal detector.

These power packs are usually lightweight and compact in size to easily fit onto the upper stem of the detector with an arm cup screen and front clip.

A fully charged power pack can double the detecting time without needing to charge, change batteries, or run out of charge in the middle of a remote location.

16. Stainless Steel D Spade

Having a top-quality spade for digging is important for every detectorist!

A heavy-duty professional D spade that has been designed to withstand the most challenging ground conditions and cope up in every type of terrain can make for a great gift.

Make sure that the blade edges are serrated and sharpened to allow the spade to cut through roots and vegetation with ease. The ideal weight should not be more than 1200 to 1300 grams.

17. Headphones

Detecting headphones

Having large, comfortable headphones while metal detecting is very much needed.

Many manufacturers today design specific headphones (Check those recommendations) that can easily fit into their detectors, or you can buy different brand ones after checking the detector’s compatibility.

Make sure that it has a large and comfortable headset with a 1/4 inch jack plug.

18. Detector Harness

Detector harnesses (Like This One) are an excellent gift for any detectorist. They ensure comfort and weight distribution and prevents fatigue from setting in while detecting.

If you are thinking of buying a detector harness, opt for one that has a padded back cushion to ensure comfort.

19. Multi-pocket Finds Pouch

Every detectorist needs a handy finds pouch when out on the field!

A finds pouch with multiple pockets (Like This One) is an even better gifting idea. It should easily fit around the waist and come with a quick-release buckle.

20. Strong Magnet

Many hobbyists that are into metal detecting, they might also be interested in Magnet fishing which also consists of finding treasure but this time by using a strong magnet that can help extract some valuable finds.

A magnet could even be used while metal detecting in case you are dealing with a hole (potentially having something valuable) that you can not search using your hands (because it is too deep or dangerous)

This Magnet is one of the best in the market.

Final Thoughts …

This article was a lot of thinking for me! Coming up with all those ideas was not easy lol

Anyways, I really hope you are a little bit more inspired and know what your friend would love to have as a gift!

Please let me know about his/her thoughts once you’ve offered him/her one.

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Carissa Harmer

Carissa is the huge metal detecting enthusiast that loves collecting coins. She is also highly interested in other treasure hunting activities like magnet fishing and gold prospecting/panning.