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Best GLOVES for Metal Detecting (For Maximum Safety)

Best Metal Detecting Gloves

At the very beginning of my journey practicing this wonderful hobby, I thought that all I need to buy is a metal detector. Then, I would just go out hunting and that’s it. Remembering this today is pretty funny as, the reality is, metal detecting requires a set of additional and necessary accessories. Not only to achieve better performances, but also to ensure a minimum of safety!

One of these accessories are metal detecting gloves … and this is what I am talking about in this Post! Indeed, I will share with you my favorite ones and why I’ve actually made that choice…

So, What are the best gloves for metal detecting? There are many good options on the market that you can opt for! Mechanix Wear FastFit Work and Leather M-Pact Gloves remain tremendously reliable, durable and adapted for the digging that comes with this hobby. They are one of the best metal detecting gloves, if not the best.

In this post you will learn what makes this choice a reliable one. Plus, I will let you know about some other recommendations that are also good.

Finally, if you are not big fan of this accessory, I will list some relevant and obscure reasons that would probably make you re-think this choice.

Why I’ve chosen these 2 Gloves?

They are different from each other! Each one could serve you in a different context (I will give more details about that in the next paragraph).

In addition, I’ve asked more than 100 hobbyists (contacting them on social media) that are consistently practicing (some of them have over 30 years of experience) about what gloves they actually recommend.

Most of them have recommended Mechanix.  This made me more confident recommending them here in this Post. Because I just can’t stand recommending something unless it would most likely work for you!

1. Mechanix Wear FastFit Work Gloves

General Overview

These gloves are made in USA and because of their low price; hobbyists and workers tend generally to order more than one pair. You will feel an impression that they are made out of quality material once you touch them the first time …

Handling your finds and touch screen

The main thing that pushed me to recommend this pair is it is ability to make handling your finds as easy as if you are not wearing them. So you won’t need to remove your gloves, each time you find something, to check it out.

Indeed, they are thin enough to keep the feel of the things you touch, without impacting its ability to protect your hands and fingers. If your machine has a touch screen and/or several buttons that you will need to press frequently, you will do that task like if you are barehanded.

Even if you are looking for small objects such as small gold or platinum nuggets, you could still handle them easily.

Wearing this pair and slipping itoff is an easy task. Plus, while wearing them they will stick on your hands properly the whole time.


Even if the gloves are pretty thin, they provide a fair protection against things that could hurt you like broken glass and other sharp objects that you may potentially touch while digging for example.

Don’t expect to be protected when touching hot objects. But probably you won’t need this kind of protection…

Keeps your hands warm

Mechanix Fastfit will keep your hands warm for sure, but they are not designed to protect your hands in case of extra cold weather!

For this case you may want to opt for the second option (Mechanix Leather M-Pat).

These are proven to be really useful while detecting in cold weather!

Contact with Water

They are not waterproof so you may want to wear latex under them. Yet, this pair dries out rapidly! They don’t deteriorate or something like that after touching water and drying several times like other gloves do.

Appropriate Size

Just choose your exact size; they will fit your hands perfectly! If you choose a bigger size they may not fit you.

Where to Order

You can check it Directly Here on Amazon!

2. Mechanix Wear Leather M-Pact Gloves


Very durable not only when it comes to digging the ground, but also if you want to use them in other kinds of work like woodworking, welding and things like that …. It could be an asset for different kinds of work.

The leather is easily washable in case you stick your hand in something not so pleasant.


This version of gloves provides you with a solid protection for your hands. They are not completely waterproof, yet they can hold well if you touch wet soil or objects. They provide a good protection when the weather is cold.


It will take you few usages before feeling comfortable wearing them (That’s the only con I’ve noticed btw). Indeed, when they are still new, they would feel a little bit stiff, but once putting them on the first few times they will feel as comfortable as the Mechanix FastFit.

Where to Order

Again, Amazon is a Solid and trustworthy marketplace … And you can check it right here!

You Should Wear Gloves While Detecting for these Reasons!

injury if you don't wear gloves

(This, is the hand of a hobbyist who has hurt himself while digging, because he didn’t wear gloves)

Having your hands full of dirt while digging for your targets is a sweet and enjoyable feeling. I get that! Yet, it is probably not a wise choice to trade your hands safety with that!

That’s why, unless you are digging in a clean beach or a soil you are 100% sure it doesn’t contain things that could hurt you. Wearing gloves while detecting is just crucial …

… Below, few reasons why I think so:

  • Digging in places full of trash could be dangerous by causing cuts to your fingers or hands.
  • When you dig in any place with the potential of having glass or sharp edged metal, you should absolutely protect your hands.
  • In the cold you should keep your hands warm.
  • When it rains it is important to keep your hands dry as much as possible.
  • If you cut yourself, keep in mind that there are many bugs or germs in ground that can harm you.
  • If you have an allergy to particular plants or leaf, using decent gloves will protect your skin.
  • It is common while digging to have your hands full of insects like wild aunts or even a scorpion.

Other Metal Detecting Gloves options

Honestly, I think that the 2 options I’ve listed above are one of the best gloves that you can use while metal detecting. Using them will protect your hands from most of the issues that I’ve just mentioned.

However, if, for whatever reason, you want to use a different set of gloves, you can check one or some of the following options:

  • Any pair in which it is mentioned cut resistant could be fine.
  • Neoprene gloves are good as they can keep your hands warm and dry.
  • Gorilla Grip could be good and are cheap.
  • Skytec Argon Thermal gloves would cost you a bit more than average pairs but they are good.
  • Builders gloves look like those of a soccer goal keeper but they are cut resistant.
  • Garden Gloves could work for you if you don’t care about handling the little objects.
  • Minelab detecting gloves could work for you, but personally I don’t like them that much.
  • Glider are water resistant adapted for heavy duty, warm and you can still use your touch screen devices with them on.
  • Kevlar lined are good for protection against cuts and pokes in sharps.
  • Thin buckskin. They don’t last forever, but give you more ‘feel’.
  • Memphis are good, but won’t work that well if you are dealing with wet dirt.

Finally, I highly invite you to have a look at this list of metal detection tool box! You will get to learn more things you probably need for your hunts.


As I’ve said before, my purpose is not to just recommend metal detecting gloves that I think could work well for you. My ultimate purpose here is that you become aware of their importance and the potential risks if you choose to practice this hobby without them.

Hopefully you’ve learnt something new!

I would love to know what you actually think! Do you wear gloves while digging holes? If so, what pair do you use? If not, what pair you are most likely willing to try? Let us know in the comment section below so other detectorists will learn from you experience …

Finally, if you want to maximise your safety, you definitely should check these well-chosen detection knee pads! I am sure some of the choices I share in that article will resonate with you …

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