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Best WATERPROOF Headphones For Better Metal Detecting Tones

Metal Detecting Headphones

When I’ve discovered Metal Detecting at the beginning, I was thinking that all I need to be equipped with is a machine! This is probably OK in some cases, yet I’ve soon understood that this hobby like any other one has some particular code of ethics that should be respected …ill not only help you to recognize the finds by hearing clean tones. But also you won’t annoy people around you with your machine beeping all the time. Not to mention, how beneficial they are when it comes to saving your device’s batteries …

… Now, Most likely you won’t detect in a good shiny weather all the time. I mean, in many cases, you will find yourself detecting on a rainy or snowy day. Or why not you will need to do a bit of underwater metal detecting. Thus, it is absolutely important to think about a decent and durable waterproof headphone that will provide you with a good performance!

So, what are the best waterproof headphones for metal detecting? Gray Ghost Amphibian headphones are the very Best when it comes to providing high quality sounds allowing you to recognize your targets while metal detecting (During rain, or underwater …) without causing any discomfort for your ears. Garrett Submersible is another good pick that is perfect for those who are on Budget.

As far as I am concerned, This is my favorite pair of detection Headphones Period (Check them Here on Amazon)!

Why I’ve made these choices

I didn’t want to include just one choice because the first one (which is for me and for many other hobbyists the Best pick you could possibly make) is a bit pricy. Especially for beginners who are yet going to buy a new machine or upgrade their current one.

That’s why, I felt it is pretty wise to include another choice (less pricy), but still has good features!

Hopefully, you will get the most value from either one of them …

… Below, why I’ve actually made those choices!

Gray Ghost Amphibian headphones (The Best Hands Down!)

Gray Ghost Amphibian headphones

You can use Gray Ghost literally under all Conditions!

In many cases, before you buy a specific product you are told by the seller or the manufacturer or even from someone who has bought it before that it is good but you can’t use it under this or that condition …

… However, this is far from being the case for these headphones! Indeed, they’ve proved to keep the same performance even in these conditions:

  • If you are detecting around or in the river.
  • When you are dealing with a wet, muddy or even soaked ground.
  • You may want to detect underwater. In this case this device will be a huge asset, as it will stick to your ears, work well and provide you with clear and smooth tones like those you will hear on land.
  • Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where you have to detect in crowded or noisy places. Generally in these cases it is very hard to perform as well as you may want to. Gray ghost headphones do a great job isolating all that external noise so you could only focus on the next target.
  • During a rainy day, they still perform well.
  • I’ve never used them in conditions like storm or something like that. Yet, there are some hobbyists who confirm that they had a good experience using them in such conditions. I would like to try that out if opportunity presents itself …
  • Generally, if you don’t have the privilege to schedule your hunts around bad or extreme weather, then you should really go for these headphones.

The only condition you should not use them is for listening to music. This disappointed me for whatever reason! Yet, I can understand as they were not designed for such a use …

How comfortable are they?

The Problem that I previously had with some other headphones is the weight. This caused fatigue and even exhaustion after few hours of using them.

  1. Ghost looks like they hold some weight on them, yet they are actually pretty light! Thus, they are very comfortable even after a whole day of continual usage …

In addition, they fit very well and pretty tight!


Go and ask any hobbyist with years of practice using these headphones, for how long he or she was using them. The answer is rarely under a year …

… Usually, you will be told that they were using them for years! This just proves their durability!

What about the tones?

If you were using a different headphone before, this one, most likely, will sound different! This would not be an issue after the first minutes. You will quickly get used to the new tones!

The default settings sound too loud! That’s why you will need to adjust the volume control to a level that suits you the most.

However, if you are looking to hear the most obscure sounds you may want to go back to the default settings.

The volume range is pretty large! Each one could experience different sounds depending on many factors (used machine, ground condition …) but generally (for example) zinc has a double quick sound and aluminum has like a twang sound.

If you have a machine that allows pinpointing, using this set of headphones will certainly accelerate the process even further.

As an advice you should go to an isolated place from any metal sources, then try to swing your machine on different type of targets with different depths. Thus, you will have a preliminary idea on how each metal would sound using G. Ghost.

Your Metal Detector is not waterproof (Should you still buy them?)

This set is totally waterproof and adapted for detecting underwater! Probably you are now thinking that it is useless to have them if your machine is not waterproof which is a good point to make …

… However, I still believe that it is worth having them for 3 reasons:

  • High quality: The high quality of the tones is very important especially when you are detecting through lot of trash. If you don’t use quality headphones like gray ghost, you will certainly be lost in such a circumstance. Not to mention the comfort that they provide you with.
  • Possibility to upgrade: Today your device is not waterproof, but it is always possible to upgrade it to a waterproof one. So already having this pair of headphones would be absolutely a good thing particularly for the future.
  • High resell value: These headphones are like Mercedes-benz, I mean they last for years and they still keep their resell value. Their depreciation is very low, thus, you could use them for years and still resell them with a good price.

They are practical

I don’t know if they did it on purpose, but G. Ghost Amphibian seem to have figured out a decent length for the wire. In fact, the length is optimal in a way it is always kept out of your way …

In addition, they cover your ears entirely which is something I personally appreciate! Actually, this helps tremendously blocking any outer noise properly …

As you receive the product with 2 connecting wires, you can replace them by each other whenever you want.

Furthermore, there is a feature that I think very useful! It is the possibility to control the volume setting for each ear separately.

Which machine should you use with it?

Generally, it doesn’t matter as far as your machine accepts being connected to a headphone. This is actually the case for all modern detectors. Unless you’ve got an old machine!

Generally, you will feel that you are using a new machine!

The Price and where to Order??

These headphones are a little bit pricy (You can Check the Current Price Here on Amazon!), but they are totally worth the price! Please note that if you are willing to invest on a set of headphones and you can afford Gray ghost price, you probably should opt for them.

You could order them in any trustworthy Market Place like Amazon.

Otherwise, you probably should just save the money for a better machine for example! At the end of the day, it is up to you …

But please keep in mind, that you should stop buying cheap headphones just because they are cheap! That’s not the right mindset if you are looking to be successful Metal Detecting …

The headphones that come with detectors packages in general are not good either! You can use them for a while until you can afford some legit headphones …

Garrett Submersible Headphone (Adapted for those on a Budget)

Garrett Submersible Headphone

You can use them under these conditions …

  • You can use them underwater, up to 200 feet of depth.
  • Many similar products present issues when it’s windy. This is not the case with these, as they can perform well in such circumstances.
  • You can use them in a rainy day, during or after rain. Even in a muddy ground!
  • They work very well for the beach and even more for wet sand.

You should use them With Which Metal Detector?

The constructor confirms that they would work at their best with Garett Infinum LS & Seahunter Mark! Generally they could work with most modern machines, but the results won’t be same …

… Indeed, you could experience different sounds depending on the machine you are using. For example, for an AT Pro which is a common machine, these headphones will work but the sound would be a little low.

For AT Pro it would be a bit hard to differentiate between low and mid tones unless you are an experienced detectorist. Yet, High tones would be fine to hear and to recognize.

Other than the 2 machines the constructor recommends, you should use this device with:

For VLF machines, it should depend on which one exactly! I’ve never used them with a VLF, if you did try it out before; please let me know about the outcome in the comment section below.

The Sound

One of the few cons I see for this product is the absence of volume control! If you are going to use them underwater this won’t matter as they are perfectly tuned in there.

On land, you can experience different sounds depending on which machine you are using (As I’ve explained in the previous paragraph).

In other words:

  • With a PI machine: You will most likely experience loud sounds. If the sounds are too loud on land you can try fitted pieces of foam to attenuate the sound.
  • With a VLF machine: You will likely experience pretty low sounds.

If you are already used to a different product, you might find out slightly different sounds. Especially when you are in an area full of iron. This is generally due to the wireless setup.


Garrett Submersible Headphones are durable and could last for years.


They are comfortable especially if you don’t like large devices. They are lightweight and are just a quality product.

What could make you uncomfortable is the connector; it probably won’t be as easy to get it connected as it should be especially for the first time.

The Price and where to Order??

If you compare them with Gray Ghost they cost much less! So, if you are still looking for a quality device with a much less budget, you probably should go for those.

You can Check the Current Price Here on Amazon.


The main purpose behind writing this Post is to improve your metal detecting performance! Yes, I am giving you choices of Waterproof headphones that you can use on numerous conditions including underwater.

But at the same time, I was trying to convince that not only you should use waterproof headphones, but also that you need to pick a very good choice.

Thus, you will start noticing much better results by detecting more interesting finds. Not to mention that you will sense much more joy while detecting …

Hopefully I was pretty successful doing so …

Finally, if you are looking for more flexible and easy to use solutions, then you should definitely check these Wireless Detection Headphones! I’ve included some good picks …

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