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Metal Detecting in RUSSIA (Laws, Tips, Detectors & More)

Metal Detecting in Russia

Unlike what you may think, believe me, Russia is a Great destination not only for regular visitors! It is also a decent place to enjoy the rich history of the country!

I remember a friend of mine has visited it to watch the World Cup and he couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful the country is!

This also makes from it a good place for hobbyists to use their beloved detectors! Yet there are some difficulties surrounding this hobby that I will address in Post …

… In addition, I will also provide you with some tips and helpful information to get the most out of your visit to the country as a detectorist!

What are the metal detecting laws in Russia?

Practicing this hobby in Russia is almost completely forbidden, especially when it comes to searching for historical artifacts!

However, detecting on the beach, though, may be allowed. Yet, you will need to find out first whether you need to obtain a permit for the same or not.

The law banning metal detecting was introduced in 2013, before this was allowed at almost all public places!

In fact, if you don’t follow the 2013 law that regulating this activity, you face a risk of being fined! Or even being put in jail in some extreme cases …

…This law has prompted a huge public outcry and debate, but there is still no real clarity about whether those who are searching for any other type of objects in different fields with the use of a metal detector will face punishment or not.

According to this law, you will need to get a special permit from the Russian Ministry of Culture for carrying out any type of digging activities.

This process, however, is a very complicated one and requires you to gather many types of documents and also submit a very detailed explanation about the expedition you plan to carry out.

The permit lasts only for three months, and even professional archaeologists face problems in obtaining the permit.

What Metal detectors would work Best for Russian Soil?

There are many texture differentiated soils in Russia. From West to East Siberia and towards Far East Russia, the extent of soil types varies to a huge extent!

Alkaline clay differentiated soils, low-humid accumulative calcareous soils, holomorphic soils, and some other types of soil are found throughout the country.

The country’s cool and humid climates play a major role in the organic profile of the Russian soils.

In Russia, humid soils are referred to as those manifesting under a permeable soil and water regime.

This causes an intensive migration of dissolved organic substances, which may have a profound impact on the functioning of your metal detector.

There are many machines that are designed to detect across grounds that varies in mineralization, such as the type present in Russia.

Ground balance and pulse induction are two of the handy features that can be found in many detectors which helps it overcome issues with mineralization.

Examples of these are:

Of course there are other machines that could do a good job, yet these ones are probably the most used ones in such conditions.

Detecting for gold in Russia – What you should know

While detecting is forbidden in Russia, it surprises many people to know that individual gold mining is actually allowed there!

A law recently passed by the Russian government allows Russian citizens to engage in gold mining individuals, though there are certain restrictions. Detectorists make use of this provision in the law to detect for gold, especially in Siberia.

Hunting for gold with a proper machine in Russia could be a thrilling prospect and also immensely rewarding if you find some gold.

However, there is not much of a choice available for buying a device that would be ideal for hunting for gold…

…Since the hobby is almost banned in the country, it is difficult to find good quality gold detectors there.

Some of the best gold prospecting machines you can buy in Russia include the:

These are the cheaper choices, however if you are willing to spend some more money on even better detectors. You can give a shot to Minelab machines such as:

These Minelab metal detectors are of expert quality and therefore, cost more than the others available in the country…

…You can also get some locally manufactured detectors for hunting for gold if you are lucky.

For more info about this Topic, you should definitely have a look at this Gold Searching Post! You will learn a lot of helpful info in there …

Is Metal Detecting a Popular hobby in Russia?

Due to the many laws restricting the activity there, it remains not that popular since there is not really a room to grow its popularity.

However, you may still find some hobbyists on the beaches. It is more likely that you may run into a metal detectorist on the beaches of Sochi rather than find someone indulging in active detecting in Moscow or any other major city.

Local detectorists in Russia are still holding out hope though that the law will change soon in favor of the activity and people from all over the country will be able to enjoy this wonderful hobby.

What finds should you expect in Russia?

It is possible to detect all types of things in Russia. It is possible to find some valuable finds, especially given the country’s rich history and the vast range of geographical features spread across the country

You can commonly expect to find iron, nickel, copper, aluminum, brass, tin, lead, gold, silver, and bronze items with a metal detector in Russia.

In fact, buried items such as jewelry, ancient coins, relics, and other metal artifacts can also be found throughout the country.

At the beaches of Sochi, there are many luxury beach resorts which are a big draw for tourists!

Due to this, you can expect to often find some valuable gold, silver, and even diamond jewelry on the beaches of Russia.

Metal detecting in Russian front – What you should know

The Russian Front, more commonly known as the Eastern Front or the Soviet Front, was the operations during the World War I that included the entire Russian Empire and Romania on one side, and the Ottoman Empire, German Empire, Bulgaria, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire on the other side.

In contrast to this, the ‘Western Front’ of the War is usually referred to as the war being fought in France and Belgium.

Having witnessed so much war and bloodshed, most people think that this region would be an ideal place to look for World War relics and souvenirs using detecting machines.

However, be extremely aware that in Russia this is considered to be having historical value that’s why it is probably forbidden.

Indeed, if you are caught with a detector there not your equipment could be confiscated and you may be forced to pay a significant fine. Other punishments might be considered if you were caught removing any historically significant item from the ground.

Therefore, it is better to avoid detecting at any part of the Russian Front.

Detecting Russian WW2 battlefields – What you should know

Russia has always been a major center of attention and activity during both the World Wars!

As exciting as it sounds to detect in World War II battlefields, it is not a good idea to do so in Russia!

This is because of the extremely strict laws and to the difficulties surrounding getting the permit.

If you are interested in detecting at a World War II battleground, then the better option would be to opt for Latvia!

In fact, there you are allowed to detect in battlefields as well! Yet, you will need to turn over any significant find to the local authorities.

Are there metal detectors made in Russia?

The country of Russia is known by its great industrial abilities! That’s why I was very curious to know if there are machines made by that country …

… However, I didn’t find any Russian brand whatsoever manufacturing these machines there!

Are there detecting clubs in Russia?

Due to the fact that this hobby is almost banned there, it was very hard for me to find any clubs there! The information is for some reason not available in this regard.

Yet, I seriously think that clubs there, if any, don’t opt to promote themselves! In fact, if they do so, they may face some law trouble.

However, if you are aware of any clubs there, please let me know below in the comment section!

Are there equipment stores in Russia?

There are but they are very rare! Indeed, you’ve got more chances finding individual people selling equipment.

For that, you need to contact practitioners there to know more about those who sell equipment!

In addition, you may be in luck and find some stores in the beach town of Sochi as that area is frequented by many tourists, but otherwise it is difficult to come by a shop that sells detecting equipment.

It will be a much better option to purchase equipment online!


I really don’t mean to discourage you or something like that regarding detecting in Russia. Yet, I wanted to have your attention on the risks and how to deal with them in a smart way.

If you know any additional information that I didn’t include in this Post. I would be grateful if you let me know in the comment section below … By doing so, other hobbyists and visitors will learn from you!

Finally, if you are looking for other intriguing Places to explore! Then you definitely should have a look at these countries in which you can use your detector!

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