Hats and Metal Detecting

BEST Hats for Metal Detecting (For Cold & Hot Weather)

Best Hats for Hunting and Metal Detecting

When you plan 2 or 3 hours (for example) to go out hunting, you find yourself almost all the time with much more hours detecting, sometimes the whole day! Especially when you are addicted to this hobby …

That’s why; you need to be fully ready each time by adding on some very important accessories! This includes wearing a proper hat to protect you from a sunny or a cold day. And you should not take this detail from granted!

In this Post, I will give you 2 of my favorite hats for metal detecting. One for cold conditions and the other one for a hot sunny day … Hopefully, you will be able to pick one or at least have an idea on what a decent hat for Metal Detecting looks like!

So, what are the Best Hats for Metal Detecting?

Adams Headware: Provides you with a complete protection from sun and UV lights. Your head, neck and ears and perfectly protected. This hat is appropriate for a sunny, windy, hot day. You can check it here on Amazon!

ETCBUYS Winter Hat: Cheap but a life saver when you are detecting in a very cold snowy and windy day! They look pretty and protect all your head. You can check it here on Amazon!

Why I’ve made these Choices?

It was a little bit hard for me to pick up a proper hat for detecting at the very beginning! Indeed, I’ve noticed that many people care only about the design and how they would look wearing them …

… For me, the challenge was to find a hat that would be useful, practical and able to help you enjoy this hobby even in the hardest circumstances.

That’s why I’ve spent lot of hours thinking and comparing many products. Until I’ve come up with these picks. Hopefully, they will fit what you are actually looking for …

… Below the reasons why I’ve chosen these ones and not others!

Adams Headware – Adapted for a Hot/Sunny Day

This hat comes with different colors (Khaki, Olive, Red and Stone), they are pretty fine and adapted for most men and women preferences. I’ve noticed this, as I’ve seen couple of ladies ordering different colors for themselves and their husbands.

This hat is a great asset for all outdoor activities, not just Metal Detecting! It is mainly made out of cotton, but still about 30% of its composition is based on nylon.

One of the main concerns I usually have before buying a hat is when the weather is very windy! This accessory has a pretty useful wire in the back that tights the hat to your head regardless of the conditions.

It is flexible enough to fit in your head regardless of its size – it stretches pretty well! Its flexibility will also allow you to wear your metal detecting headphones comfortably.

When you will get them in between your hands, you will just feel a legit quality work comparing to the price. In fact, it is lightweight to the point you won’t really feel it on your head. In addition, you will notice that the hat don’t change and will continue to look the same as the day you bought it even after many years actively wearing it.

Your head, neck, shoulders and ears won’t be affected under the sun no matter what! Plus, it is seriously a great asset if you are sensitive to the sunlight or you’ve got a pretty sensitive skin.

Finally, I’ve noticed that many caps or hats may protect you from the sun and UV light. Yet, they make you sweating when the atmosphere is very hot …

… It seems that Adams Headware has taken that into consideration for this one by including little holes serving for ventilation. Thus, you will fully and properly be protected so you will focus solely on your hobby!

You can have a look at its current price here on Amazon!

ETCBUYS Winter Hat – Adapted for a Cold Winter Day

Detecting in the winter, especially under a very cold or snowy day is one of the main challenges that come with this hobby. That’s why, I felt it is crucial to include an appropriate and practical recommendation for a hat dedicated for winter.

For the Record, Right now, I am writing this paragraph and I am freezing in my desk! I probably need to wear this Winter hat right now lol, Anyways …

… This hat could be ordered in different colors. Black (My favorite), Red, Grey, Navy and Pink (My daughters favorite). Even if they are mainly made out of Polyester it still gives you an authentic feel of fur.

Thus, you stay warm and completely isolated from such weather conditions. In addition, this hat is reinforced with a mouth cover (you may also call it a mask) with solid wind proof capability. The ears are also properly protected by consistent ear flaps.

This hat looks good in my opinion, and you can easily wear your metal detecting headphones under it.

Obviously, they are useful in all outdoor activities in winter, not just for detecting! But because this hobby, requires time and lot of ground contact, this hat is in my opinion must! So, again, you will concentrate uniquely on digging for some nice finds.

It is weird for such a cheap product to be offered a refund in case you are not happy with what you’ve got. Indeed, it is the case for ETCBUYS Winter Hat which is something I personally appreciate.

You can have a look at its current price here on Amazon!

Few reasons to Wear a Hat While Metal Detecting …

I think it is important to be aware of some reasons that make wearing a proper hat while detecting a serious necessity. Probably you already know most of them, yet there may be some reasons that you would discover for the very first time.

During a Hot Sunny Day …

Obviously sun has a huge role for our bodies to produce Vitamin D that helps absorbing Calcium! Some people living in some cloudy countries travel the world just to have a nice sun shower in countries just like Morocco. However, lot of sun is absolutely dangerous when you are not wearing your protective hat …

  • Sun overexposure could damage some kinds of skin fibers that keep it flexible and able to restitute.
  • It can also cause many kinds of stains and discolorations on your skin.
  • Wrinkles will easily build up on your face and around your neck.
  • Blood vessels that are just under your skin would dilate more than necessary.
  • After few years you will look couples of years older than your actual age.
  • This may even develop to a skin cancer in some extreme cases.
  • Lot of sun might cause some damage to your eyes too.

Generally, you will need it for beach detecting, or while hunting in the woods!

During a Cold Winter Day …

Here there are only two risks that I want to address if you don’t wear your winter hat:

  • Blood vessels may become much tighter than usual; this could impact your overall blood circulation.
  • Controlling your overall body temperature starts by controlling your head temperature. In fact, by keeping your head warm using a decent hat; you will contribute seriously in making your body warmer as well.

You can learn more about using a metal detecting in winter time!


To sum up, you should take ‘wearing a hat’ before every single detecting session seriously! Particularly during extreme conditions (hot or cold atmosphere).

Thus, you will focus solely on enjoying your hunting time and also you will avoid the issues I’ve talked about in the previous paragraph.

Hopefully, this post will help to make some appropriate choices …

Now, I am dying to hear from you! What hat do you usually use for hunting? If you don’t use one as for now, what hat are you probably going to pick? And why? Let me know in the comment section below …

Finally, after you’ve protected your head properly, it’s time to think about protecting your beloved ears properly too! For that, I encourage you to have a look at these detection headphones! They are really very good …

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