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Can you use a Metal Detector to Find Property Stakes?

can you use a metal detector to find property stakes

To be honest, I like answering all sort of nerdy and specific questions about metal detectors and metal detecting! This seems to attract more people who have the same questions and are looking for quick and useful answers …

… Lately, I’ve noticed that many people are wondering whether a regular metal detector can actually help them pick up a property stake! So, since several people have this same concern, I’ve decided to put together this short post to address that,

So let’s find out.

Can you use a metal detector to find property stakes?

Yes, you can use your machine to find property stakes! Indeed, these are property markers made of metal pins that are usually placed at every corner of the property, including any change of direction of the boundary line.

Each of these pins is shown on the survey of each property. They are required for verifying property lines when you need to get permits for certain projects. Every city in the United States has different laws regarding this.

What you should keep in mind is that since they are made out of metal (which usually have decent electrical conductivity) most detection devices can pick it up with no issues. Better yet, these property stakes are not buried deep, so this makes your task a lot easier.

What metal detectors to use to locate property stakes?

Most detectors can help you find property stakes. For example, the Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 (Check it Here on Amazon) is a good option …

… In fact, it has several features that make from it a good fit:

  • Very easy to use, so even if you don’t really have a prior experience, you would still manage to use it properly.
  • Its discrimination is not bad at all, so if the properly stakes is somehow located in trashy environment, you would still manage filter the trash and hopefully pick up your target.
  • Has a waterproof search coil, which means that if the property stakes is located in a muddy place the detector would still help you to find it.

Other tools to locate property stakes …

You might need to take advantage of other tools to help you find your target quicker:

  • You might need to use a shovel if you need to do any digging.
  • Maps of your property if any.
  • Maps and property survey reports from the town authorities.
  • You can consider using a pinpointer, it could help you locate your target quite faster.

Step-by-Step approach to find you property stakes …

Below a suggestion of a step-by-step approach to locate your target:

  1. Use an easy to use metal detector like the bounty hunter.
  2. Keep swinging the detector around your property. What you are looking for is an overload in metal signals. This is because it’s going to be a big object in the ground.
  3. Swinging should be slow and the coil should be parallel to the soil.
  4. Since the property stakes are not buried too deep in the ground, simply removing some of the ground with your hands should lead you to the property marker.
  5. If there are several property stakes that you are looking for, take note of the sound or target id you see in the first one you find. Chances are, you are going to hear the same sound to see the same target id when you stumble upon the other ones.


Hope this quick post answers the questions you have! If any other questions, please let me know …

… Other than that, if this is not a one-off for you and you are actually interested in metal detecting as a hobby, then I highly invite you to have a look at these metal detecting valuable tips and tricks! You will learn a lot of valuable information …

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