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3 Best Multi-Frequency Metal Detectors Today!

multi frequency metal detector

One of the main factors that you should check before buying a Metal Detector is to figure out which frequency it actually operates on! Some people opt for VLF machines and others for higher Frequencies …

… The good news is that manufactures like Minelab and Nokta have produced machines that can operate on multiple frequencies all at the same time! This is pretty much like having several detectors all in one!

… So, what is the Best Multi-Frequency Metal Detector? There are several detectors that can operate on multiple frequencies simultaneously! The Minelab CTX 3030 is one of the best options out there. Yet, you can still opt for other options like the Minelab Equinox 800 or Nokta Impact Pro as they both have all what it takes to come across some highly valuable finds.

I just want to mention that Multi-Freq Machines are Generally Costly! That’s why, in case you are looking for a relatively cheaper machine, then I recommend you Have a Look at This Minelab Model (Check it Here on Amazon) …

1. Minelab Equinox 800

Minelab Equinox 800

The Nox 800 (Check it Here on Amazon) is one of my favorite machines by far and the big brother of this multi-frequency metal detector! It does really represent the new technology when it comes to depth, accuracy and diversity …

… Indeed, it was made to operate on any type of soil that you can possibly explore! And mineralized soil is, definitely, not an exception to that!

So, to help you have a complete look at this detector, I will breakdown each feature:

Operating Frequencies

Obviously, the first thing you are going to ask is what frequencies does this one operate on? Indeed, it can be tuned to 5 different freq. depending on the mode you are operating in, targets you are aiming for and also the ground conditions you are dealing with …

… Indeed, the Nox 800 can operate on:

  • 5kHz
  • 10kHz
  • 15kHz
  • 20kHz
  • 40kHz

The first 3 frequencies are adapted for large conductive targets (by the way, the NOX 600 operates also and only on these 3 frequencies) …

… However the 2 last freq. are more adapted for smaller targets like gold and platinum nuggets!

The good news is that Minelab is implementing something called “Multi-IQ Simultaneous Range”. This means that you can use all these frequencies all at the same time!

Basic features

There are some basic features about this detector that you need to know about before actually choosing it:

  • When I’ve seen it the first time, I instantly thought that it could be somewhat heavy. Yet, it is actually a Lightweight (less than 3 pounds).
  • It is equipped with a Li-ion USB Rechargeable Battery. I was thinking at the beginning that operating on a big range of frequencies would consume dramatically the battery! Nonetheless, it does a good job by holding up to 12 hours straight which is not bad at all.
  • You can use it with wireless headphones through 3 different technologies
    • Creepy Bluetooth lol!
    • Qualcomm aptX which has a Low latency
    • Wi-Stream Technology: Developed (as far as I know) by Minelab and, as I am writing this Post, it is exclusively available for Equinox series, CTX3030 and (detectorist’s dream) the GPZ 7000.
  • It comes by default with is an 11 inches large Double-D searchcoil!

Helpful Options

After you’ve had an Idea about the basic features above, I would like to list more useful details that this device offers:

More Coil options: As I’ve just mentioned, the default coil is a DD 11 inches. I think, this one is enough in most cases. Yet, if you are looking for more specific performances like more depth and high space coverage, then you can integrate it with EQX 15” coil. Otherwise, if you are seeking for even more sensitivity (even if you might lose in terms of depth and space coverage), then the EQX 6” coil will do a great Job for you.

4 Different modes depending on your location: you can choose one of these 4 location modes …

  • Field: This mode is ideal for clean environments that are easy to deal with.
  • Park: If you are exploring trashy areas, this mode ensures the necessary discrimination to ignore signals coming from junk items and only focus on what could be valuable.
  • Beach: This is actually the mode in which this device performs at the best of its abilities. Indeed, by selecting this location, it will operate on multiple frequencies simultaneously.
  • Gold: As its name indicate, if you are seeking for Gold, Platinum or even for gems, then just select this location! In this case it will operate on its highest frequencies, 20kHz et 40kHz. This is also extremely useful when you are looking for smaller finds in difficult ground conditions.

Underwater detecting

Many people ask the same question, whether this detector can operate under water as it operates on land! The answer to that is a straight Yes, as it is Fully waterproof up to 10 feet deep …

Post sale Service

Minelab is a good company at many aspects and levels and certainly its Post-sale services are not an exception! They will make sure you are happy with your delivery …

… Other than that, the Equinox 800 comes with a 3 year warranty! This doesn’t cover the battery as it only has a one year warranty …

The huge asset that you will get is the possibility to upgrade the machine’s software (It is already Powerful) for free whenever the company releases a new one on its official website!

Where to Order?

Amazon is arguably the Best Market Place Out there … So you can check it Right Here on Amazon!

2. Nokta Impact Pro

Nokta Impact Pro

This Nokta model (Check it Here on Amazon!) is a less popular model than the previous one … But this doesn’t mean, at all, that it is low performing … In fact, it is a solid multi-frequency machine …

… Let’s dive into its main features:

Operation frequencies

This model operates on 3 different frequencies:

  • 5kHz: Ideal for coins shooting, relics and regular targets in terms of size.
  • 14kHz: This freq. is more adapted for targets with lower electrical conductivity like stainless steel.
  • 20kHz: Opt for this freq. when you are dealing with poor electrical conductivity targets and/or smaller sized targets.

I won’t recommend this model specifically for gold prospecting since its highest operating frequency doesn’t exceed 20 kHZ! Generally, you start talking about gold prospecting from a freq. that starts from 30 or 40kHz all the way up …

Just keep in mind that by using a higher freq. you will certainly gain in terms of sensitivity, yet you will lose in term of depth! Thus, you usually need to find the proper combination through lots of testing and experimentation …

How handy is it?

It doesn’t weight that much, only about 4 pounds! Better yet, once you will start detecting you will feel almost like a perfect combination between its weight and its balance …

… I mean, you want even need to insert the forehand strap to make it stick!


When it comes to discrimination, this is where you will feel this machine’s true power … In fact, if you don’t know it yet, the main purpose of this feature is to limit iron (generally ferrous metals) detection as much as possible …

… Indeed, there is an option in which you can adjust the ton volume due to iron detecting… So you can just lower the tone to the level you wish so you will ignore it!

This option will even allow you to detect in grounds heavy in iron without much being affected by that …

… You can do well by using the default searchcoil but if you want to perform even better in mineralized soil or in heavy trashy areas, then you should use the smaller searchcoil!

Ground Balance

It supports all ground balance possibilities including:

  • Automatic: to let your machine determine the proper settings.
  • Manual: if you are already used to a specific area and know the right setting to implement.
  • Tracking: In case you are dealing with a continually changing ground! So your machine will simply help you continually figure out the right settings …

Learning curve

I won’t lie to you by saying that this is an easy or straightforward machine to use! In fact, there is a significant learning curve that you need to go through first …

… But once you figure it out, you will perform extremely well using it!

Underwater detecting

I don’t know why some dealers market this detector as being waterproof without giving more details! I mean, this could mislead some people by submerging it underwater and messing it up…

… The reality is, the coil is waterproof, but the control box is not … So, you are not allowed to dive with it!


For me if you want to hear the best sounds you should use it with one of these wired headphones … Otherwise if the cord bothers you and you would like more freedom while detecting, then you may want to use these wireless headphones instead!

Where to Order?

Again, you can Check it Here on Amazon!

3. Minelab CTX 3030

Minelab CTX 3030

This is a high performing model (Check it Here on Amazon!) for those who are, probably, not considered as hobbyists anymore, rather those who are, let’s say, seasoned or expert detectorists!

The technology this detector brings to the table is top-notch! Better yet, as I’ve said regarding the Nox 800, you can upgrade the operating software once Minelab releases a new version!

If you are asking about the freq. it can operate on, then I let you know that it can operate on 28 different frequencies! They start from 1.5kHz all the way up to 100kHz

… That’s one of the widest frequency ranges I’ve ever seen!

Underwater detecting

You can submerge the CTX 3030 up to 10 feet underwater at least! Indeed, some people have used it up to 30 feet underwater …


For somebody like me, I still consider it pretty light! Yet you need to know that in comparison to other machines, it is a little heavier, right under 6 pounds!

Detecting with CTX 3030 is like being on a Mission!

At least this is what I’ve felt! I mean, the device is equipped with a GPS that tracks all places and locations that have proven to hold valuable items …

… So, you can come back later to the exact same spot! Thus, you will continue to easily come across valuables …

… Also you have more control discriminating items you don’t want. In fact, you can do so based on the magnetic and conductive properties of your target!

For more information …

This machine has a learning curve, and if you wish to learn the machine quickly you should check “The Minelab CTX 3030 Handbook” by Andy Sabisch … You will understand lot of practical tips rapidly and easily!


Some people consider this the only flop regarding this model! I mean, as it is not cheap, so should be the headphones they come with the machine … Actually, the headphones in the package are just standard Minelab headphones …

… Hopefully, they’ll provide better ones in the next versions!

Where Should you Order?

Even if this machine is pretty pricy, it is still safe and secure to Order it Here on Amazon!


The models I’ve detailed above really represent the Best multi-frequency machines that you can use nowadays! However, they are just my own recommendations based on what I know and what I’ve experienced …

… Don’t be afraid of trying a machine that has a learning curve as far as you have the passion for this hobby! The rewards that you will reap are worth the effort!

Finally, if you are still looking for tips to pick the right machine, then I’ve written these guidelines to choose the right detector! You will come across some highly valuable information that took me literally week to prepare …

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