what should you wear metal detecting

What Should You Wear While Metal Detecting? (10 Items)

what to wear metal detecting

Metal Detecting is one of those activities that require staying outdoors for many hours, sometimes for a full day …

So, wearing proper clothing for metal detecting hunts is really important for things like:

  • Comfort
  • Protection
  • And Security

In this article, I share about 10 clothing items you should consider while using your beloved metal detector.

1. Thick Jacket

Having a thick jacket (Like This One) is a must, especially if you live in a cold environment or at a place where the weather is very unpredictable.

For example, if you live in the UK, you know that the weather can turn suddenly and it can start raining at any given time.

This is why having a thick jacket that fits comfortably with a waterproof outer layer and a fleece lining is very important.

Having a thick jacket is essential to remain warm and avoid getting soaked if the weather changes suddenly when you are out detecting.

Having a thick jacket is also important to ensure that you remain protected while you are detecting.

2. Snoods

Another excellent option for metal detectorists to stay comfortable and feel nice as they go around different terrains detecting would be to invest in a Snood .A snood is a perfect item to keep you warm for a longer time.

A snood helps trap in the heat, which can prove to be very useful when you are working in large, open, flat areas where there is little protection from rain and wind.

3. Accessory Trousers

This is one of those items that often get very little attention. Those who are serious metal detectorists and plan to stay out in the field for hours on end should try to find trousers like combat pants that come with a thicker lining as compared to regular trousers.

Trousers with a thicker lining will help keep your legs warm. It is also a good idea to get trousers that have as many pockets as you are comfortable with.

Remember that you will have many things to store while you are out metal detecting. The more pockets there are, the easier it becomes to get all your finds and other accessories stored in the right place while continuing with your detecting.

4. Good quality durable gloves

metal detecting gloves

You should always keep a good quality durable pair of gloves while you pack for the outdoors!

Gloves (Check those Good recommendations) are necessary for protecting your hands while you are digging.

They are also required to keep your hands warm as you are detecting in the cold or inhospitable weather.

5. Boots

shoes for detecting

Proper Boots (Have a Look at those 4 recommendations) are a must-have when you go metal detecting in places that are wet, damp, or slushy.

Consider this, if you are metal detecting in a muddy plowed field, you will definitely appreciate that you wore a good pair of boots. It can be challenging to walk in such places without the right kind of footwear.

Many professional detectorists often recommend buying a pair of military boots. However, while they are a good buy, they can be very expensive, and you might not want to spend so much money on just boots.

For a lesser amount, you can get a sturdy pair of wellingtons.

6. Knee Pads

metal detecting and knee pads

When you are out metal detecting and busy digging holes, you will be spending a significant amount of time on your hands and knees as you scrape around in the hole you have dug, trying to find your target.

This can easily lead to scarped and bruised knees and also cause unnecessary fatigue and pain in the knees. A simple and affordable solution to avoid this is to buy a pair of kneepads (Check my Recommendation).

However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on knee pads. Any quality knee pads will do as they tend to last for a long time.

7. Beanie Hat

It is important to keep your head warm, especially if you are detecting in windy areas. A warm head helps you think better and faster.

A beanie hat will provide that extra touch of coziness and warmth as you go about metal detecting.

8. Baseball Cap

Weather permitting, if not a beanie hat, you should at least make sure to bring a baseball cap with you.

This is especially required on the days when the sun is shining brightly into your eyes, blinding you from seeing your target clearly.

There are some beautiful caps out there where some metal detecting related quotes or picture designs are printed in there (Check this example). It is always cool to have them on.

9. Finds Pouch

One more helpful buy, though not a clothing item, is a find pouch (Check this quality pouch). This item is a useful thing to have, though not necessary that you have to spend money on buying a very flashy, expensive one.

Any simple pouch will do. Finds pouch is especially useful for those who want some more extra space to store all their finds as they are metal detecting.

Many experienced detectorists swear on the usefulness of a find pouch as having one makes it much easier to store all your finds separately.

This keeps your objects free from any damage, scratches, or marks that may take place had you held them in your pockets together.

10. Carry Bag

A carry bag can prove to be a very useful accessory when you are out metal detecting. Having a carry bag makes it easy to quickly store all the items you have found without having to worry about where to store them.

If you don’t want to spend money on a find pouch, just keeping a simple carry bag with you can also prevent your finds from getting damaged while you carry from one location to another.

Having a carry bag also serves another purpose. If it starts to rain suddenly, you can put your essentials like your mobile phone, wallet, etc., inside the bag to avoid damage.

Final Thoughts …

In reality, there are much more clothing stuff you can consider while being out hunting. However, I didn’t want to overwhelm you with other elements that you might not really need …

In fact, the 10 items I’ve mentioned above are probably the most important ones that will have the most positive impact on you.

About the Author

Carissa Harmer

Carissa is the huge metal detecting enthusiast that loves collecting coins. She is also highly interested in other treasure hunting activities like magnet fishing and gold prospecting/panning.