Metal Detector for wet ground

Best Metal Detectors for Wet Ground (For Higher Performance)

Metal Detector for wet ground

Metal Detecting is wonderful hobby that could be practiced under several ground conditions. It could even be practiced underwater …

… That’s why, it is important to be aware not only of the different conditions you might find yourself detecting in! But also how to deal with each and every situation, so you could manage collecting good finds most of the time …

One of these conditions is wet ground! This is a common situation if you will detect after rain, in the beach or around rivers. In fact, it would a wise idea to consider a decent metal detector that could operate on wet ground by providing you with the best possible performances.

So, What is the Best Metal Detector for Wet Ground? Minelab Equinox800 is a legit waterproof and multi-frequency Metal Detector that can highly perform on all types of wet grounds. Such as soaked/muddy ground, rivers, wet sand and even wet black sand. However, if you are on a budget you can opt for Garrett Ace 250 which is a good option too.

Generally, wet ground is not a problem for most machines. In fact, in most cases it helps tremendously the conductivity … However, when you are dealing with Salt and Minerals you will have some trouble. That’s why you should consider a machine that could operate on such conditions …

… I’ve chosen to include 2 choices because not everybody could afford Equinox800! Indeed, I felt it’s important to include a much cheaper recommendation that could do the job as well.

In this Post I will give you further explanations on why I’ve actually made these choices. By presenting all the helpful features you can find in those machines to perform well in wet soil. In addition, I include some additional accessories that you should consider for safety and better performances.

Why I’ve made these choices?

At the beginning I was going to recommend only the Equinox 800. But after checking with other hobbyists, I felt it is important to include a cheaper option for those who could not afford it.

However you need to keep in mind that Equinox is not the most expensive machine there is. There other machines that cost about 10 times more …

… Indeed, I didn’t want to recommend those monster machines in this Post!

First, because I don’t really have a significant experience using them.

Plus, most people who are willing to spend that much money are most likely people with at least 10 years of consistent experience. Beginners won’t generally (and should not) buy a machine that would cost eight or nine thousand bucks. That’s just unrealistic …

By the way, if you’ve experienced any other machine that has performed well for you in wet ground, please let me know in the comment section below, so others would learn from that …

Below, I explain to you in more details why I’ve went with those 2 metal detectors.

Minelab Equinox 800 (My best Pick)

You can use it under these conditions …

This machine is considered as an all-purpose device as it allows detecting all metals under all possible conditions. Indeed, it is waterproof up to 10 feet, thus you can use it underwater in the beach or rivers.

It performs well in wet sand and even in high mineralized black sand. However, if you are digging in trashy locations, you should use it on a mono-frequency mode by forcing discrimination settings to not be confused by unnecessary tones. Indeed, this machine is just too sensitive …

Frequency & Targets

One of the biggest advantages of this machine is being multi-frequency. This doesn’t mean that you can choose only one of several available frequencies to start detecting; this also means that you can run several frequencies (up to 5) all at same exact time!

This feature is extremely helpful especially if you are detecting in places like rivers, woods and even forest. Otherwise, if you are willing to only focus on specific targets, you should switch it back to mono-frequency.

For example, if you are going to focus on nickel or silver coins, you only need a low frequency around 5kHz. However, if you are going for gold, then a much higher frequency is required! In fact, the machine allows high Gold friendly frequencies that reach 20 kHz and 40 kHz depending on how small the gold nuggets are expected to be.

The tones are pretty solid and accurate which gives you the confidence that the detected target is something that holds value in it. This is consolidated by a pretty accurate target ID that will allow you to anticipate the target you are about to dig for.

What you will get …

Besides the detecting machine, you will get of course a charging cable, plus wireless headphones with receiver.

You will also find a helpful manual guide that will walk you through the different use cases.


The depth this machine could reach is really good, AT pro is considered a deep machine especially when it comes for coins shooting. Yet Equinox is even deeper …

… Indeed, it could even reach 11 inches! The depth could even be better if you use a bigger coil …

The video below displays a test of depth of this Machine. The test shows that it can reach 28 centimeters which equals 11 inches …

Learning Curve

If you are used to new technologies in general, this machine won’t represent a challenging learning curve for you in my opinion.

Not to mention that the manual makes it easier for you to take advantage of all the settings that this machines allows you to do.

However, if you are an old school person and used to old machines you might need some time to get used to this one.


The battery has a good autonomy, yet, I don’t like the fact that it is integrated. Actually, it is built into the unit.

I think that technically you can remove it if you want to replace it. Yet, I am not sure whether this will keep the warranty valid or not.

VDI and Screen

The VDI is fine but they should rather include a larger range. The current one seems to me not to be enough.

However, the screen is just fantastic, it is large and ergonomic.

Other Characteristics

What makes this machine so powerful is the Software it is equipped with! Imagine that you can even Upgrade this software by a much better version when Minelab releases a new one.

Yes, you can access to any update of the software by checking this link. Then via USB connection upgrade your machines software.

The memory of the machine can handle up to 8 different custom detecting profiles. In each one you can save your preferred settings so you won’t need to get it right every time.

The machine is lightweight (about 3 pounds) with a decent ground balance. It also has a non-motion mode that will allow you to pinpoint your targets precisely.

Where to Order

There are many ways to order it. The way I prefer the most is by using a trustworthy Market Place like Amazon! Indeed, you can check its current Price Here at Amazon!

Garrett Ace 250 (A good choice that won’t cost you a lot)

Garrett Ace 250

This is one of the most common machines, that’s why I will give you only the necessary details you probably should know …

… In fact, I was impressed with how good this machine is comparing to its very reasonable price. In fact, it is very sensitive to all sorts of metals with a good ability to filter and discriminate metals you are not aiming for.

It is very durable and could last for several years without any significant regressions. It is lightweight, user friendly and pretty easy to assemble.

Being a submersible it could operate very well on and under water! And its discriminating ability will help you whenever you are dealing with wet sand.

It is one of the most recommended machines for beginners who are serious about practicing this hobby.  However, if you’ve already used a different machine before, you will need some time to get used to the new tones coming from the ACE 250.

This doesn’t mean that this machine is only used by beginners. In fact, you can’t imagine how many practitioners with many years of experience still use it! Especially in Europe and the US … Australian people are more opting for their notorious Minelab series.

If it is your first machine, take some time to read the manual, it is very helpful. Plus, try to spend a bit of time watching around Youtube videos, there a ton of helpful ones.

Finally, for more accuracy you can take advantage of the pinpoint mode. It is very precise and will let you know when to dig using you scoop precisely most of the time.

If this choice resonates with you … You can order it Here at Amazon!

Other machines you can opt for …

The 2 machines I’ve presented to you before are the best choices for wet sand in my opinion. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t other good picks! Below more machines that may serve you well under these circumstances …

  • If you are going to detect in wet ground with no minerals, then most good VLF detectors can be helpful.
  • Otherwise, if you are dealing with high mineralized soil. Then you probably should go for a PI or an all-purpose machine.
  • Most Minelab Multi-frequency devices are fine for wet soil.
  • Nokta fors core is a good choice but remains very expensive.
  • Rutus Alter71 is a good one according to some hobbyists I know. Yet this machine is a little bit rare. Not very common in the market, thus the online resources and information are pretty rare on it.
  • XP Deus is another good one. But it is expensive at least for me …
  • AT Max is a solid machine in wet ground or shallow creeks.
  • Bounty hunter entry machines may work fine (but not in mineralized wet soil).
  • The GPX series and GPZ are extremely effective monsters in literally any conditions. Yet, I can’t recommend them because of their crazy price.

You probably need these additional accessories on Wet Ground …

There are other additional accessories that you probably should be equipped with when you are dealing with wet or soaked ground.

Sand Scoop: If you are hunting on wet sands in the beach, it is very important to use a scoop to collect the finds. Of course you can use plastic sand scoop. However, the best pick is to use a stainless steel sand scoop.

Pinpointer: If your machine is not equipped with a non-motion mode that will allow you to pinpoint your targets. Then you probably should have a pinpointer with you. Indeed, in wet soil it is not easy to locate precisely your targets unless you are using this additional accessory. These inexpensive pinpointers should suit you.

Metal Detecting Friendly Boots: If you are dealing with a soaked, muddy ground, the movement become a bit harder and more energy consuming. Thus, it would be very important to use good quality detecting boots. By doing so, your feet won’t get tired while detecting even after several longue hours. You can check these quality detecting boots for more ideas.

Detecting Gloves: For safety reasons, if you are dealing with a trashy area. It is almost a must to avoid any potential injuries. By the way, these are my preferred detecting gloves.


Wondering about the best machines you could possibility use for wet ground is a good sign for me. Because it shows that you are aware every ground condition has its particularity that you should handle differently.

That’s why I’ve tried to list to you many options of detectors that you can use in such a specific condition. I’ve also listed to you additional accessories that you should opt for …

… Finally, if you are still confused, I highly invite you to learn about choosing the right waterproof metal detector!

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